Revolutionize Your Egg Game with These 15 Mind-Blowing Hard Boiled Egg Recipes!

Hard Boiled Egg Recipes

Eggs are always an inexpensive source of protein. And thus, they are always one of my favorite frugal ways to save money. I like to cook up hard boiled eggs all year round especial for avocado egg salad (see my foolproof method for Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs).

I went on a hunt, an egg hunt if you will, for the best hard boiled eggs recipes around the internet from some of my favorite food blogs and websites that use hard boiled eggs. From salads, deviled eggs for breakfast and more all these recipes are amazing and will get you cooking with hard boiled eggs!

Avocado Egg Salad - Two Peas & Their Pod

Avocado Egg Salad

Turn those hard boiled eggs into a delicious and healthy avocado egg salad sandwich. Avocados are the key ingredient here. But there is also a bit of Greek yogurt, green onion, lemon juice and Dijon mustard for a bright flavor pop! Check out Two Peas & Their Pod for the recipe!

Asparagus Egg and Bacon Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette - Skinny Taste

Asparagus Egg and Bacon Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette

This light salad just screams “Spring is here!”. Crisp asparagus is perfectly teamed with bacon and a delicious homemade Dijon vinaigrette. You could serve this as a main dish since there is a healthy dose of protein or of course serve it as a side dish to any meal. Check out Skinny Taste for the recipe!

Hard Boiled Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cookies and Cups

Hard Boiled Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who would have thought that you can make delicious chocolate chip cookies using hard boiled eggs! This is a must try recipe if nothing for the shock value of telling your friends and family that they have hard boiled eggs in them! Check out Cookies and Cups for the recipe!

Loaded Baked Potato Salad - Foodie Crush

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

I love a good potato salad and this recipe has everything but the kitchen sink in it I think! The recipe starts with baked potatoes and then a homemade mayo/sour cream based dressing and then crumbled bacon, hard boiled eggs, cheddar cheese and green onions round it all out. Check out Foodie Crush for the recipe!

Morton’s Iceberg Wedge Salad

I have heard about this salad from Morton’s Steakhouse but since we don’t have that restaurant here I was way excited to see this recipe for it so I could make it at home. I love a good iceberg lettuce wedge salad (so crisp and refreshing) and this recipe has everything in it (on it?) to make it amazing, hard boiled eggs, bacon and a homemade blue cheese dressing! Check out Delish for the recipe!

Easy Pickled Eggs - Buns In My Oven

Easy Pickled Eggs

I have to admit, I have never been brave enough to try picked eggs but I remember my grandmother making them and enjoying them. This recipe has got to be the easiest one I have ever seen to make them since all it uses is hard boiled eggs and leftover pickle juice from your favorite jar of pickles. There is also a nice recipe for egg salad that uses these eggs too…worth a shot I think! Check out Buns In My Oven for the recipe!

Bacon Jalapeño Deviled Eggs - Real House Moms

Bacon Jalapeño Deviled Eggs

There are a lot of deviled egg recipes out there but this one, this one takes the cake I think. If you were to combine jalapeño poppers and deviled eggs…this is what you would get! YUM Check out Real House Moms for the recipe!

Deviled Egg Dip - Savory Style

Deviled Egg Dip

If you love deviled eggs then I see no reason why you could not combine all the flavors into this creamy dip! Cut up some crudites (cut veggies for the folks not in the know) and put out some crackers and you are ready to get your dip on! Check out Savory Style for the recipe!

Healthy Chef Salad Recipe - ifoodreal

Healthy Chef Salad Recipe

In the warm weather months my family really enjoys a nice big healthy salad for dinner. Yes, even the kids! And this chef’s salad recipe is “meaty” enough to serve as a main course. Crisp and refreshing iceberg lettuce is topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, chicken, cheese and a homemade skinny buttermilk ranch dressing. So delicious! Check out ifoodreal for the recipe!

Hard Boiled Egg Breakfast Melts - Ellaphant Eats

Hard Boiled Egg Breakfast Melts

Starting the day off with a healthy breakfast is always recommended and these beautiful and nutritious breakfast melts pack a healthy dose of protein, vegetables and it all sits on a whole wheat English muffin. And if you like a little bit of spice…a drizzle of Siracha tops it all off and adds some ZING! That will wake you up! Check out Ellaphant Eats for the recipe!

Bacon 'n' Egg Lasagna -

Bacon ‘n’ Egg Lasagna

Who would have thought you could turn hard cooked eggs into a breakfast lasagna? This recipe comes together rather easily in the morning especially if you already have your eggs and bacon pre-cooked! Check out for the recipe!

Quesadillas Huevos Rancheros - Real Simple

Quesadillas Huevos Rancheros

I love a good quesadilla. they are so easy and simple to make. But I would have never thought to add sliced hard boiled eggs to one until I saw this recipe. Tortillas, eggs, cheese and some great homemade or store bought salsa make this easy snack easy! Check out Real Simple for the recipe!

Grilled Cheese Eggs - exPress-o

Grilled Cheese Eggs

Here is something new that I have never seen done with hard boiled eggs…bake them with a little shredded cheese and breadcrumbs until everything is all melted! Sounds great! Check out exPress-o for the recipe!

Make-Ahead Muffin Melts - The Pioneer Woman

Make-Ahead Muffin Melts

Okay…this is seriously good. You take some hard cooked eggs, bacon, cheese and mix it all together with a little bit of mayo, Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder. Heap it on split English muffins and bake until everything is melted and bubbly! Check out The Pioneer Woman for the recipe!

Warm Spinach Salad with Bacon, Mushrooms & Hard-Boiled Eggs - Brown Eyed Baker

Warm Spinach Salad with Bacon, Mushrooms & Hard-Boiled Eggs

Have you ever had a warm spinach salad before? I know the first time I tried one when I was about 17 I kind of turned up my nose at the idea of a warm salad. That is, until I tried it of course. And then I was hooked! This great salad combines all of my favorite things in one big salad…mushrooms, bacon, hard cooked eggs and a delicious homemade warm vinaigrette that is drizzled over top! Check out Brown Eyed Baker for the recipe!

Do you have a favorite recipe that uses hard boiled eggs? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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