Sunday Coupon Preview 5/31/20 (1 P&G, 1 SmartSource, & 1 RetailMeNot)

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Sunday Coupon Preview 5/31/20 (1 P&G, 1 SmartSource, & 1 RetailMeNot)

Sunday Coupon Preview

Sunday Coupon Preview for 5/31/20!! This Sunday (May 31st, 2020) we are expecting 3 inserts (1 RetailMeNot, 1 SmartSource, and 1 P&G Insert).

Coupons vary from region to region, but you can use this ✅ Sunday Insert Coupon Preview as a guide to see the expected coupons for the following week! You can check out the different coupons found in the paper over at Capri’s Coupons!   Photo Credit and thanks to Gfamily Ramos.

5/31/20 Scan Below (SmartSource and RetailMeNot)

See the JUNE P&G Insert scan here!

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5/31/20 SmartSource Insert pictures

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  1. Why don’t I get all the coupons from the Sunday Tribune?
    I am ALWAYS missing some… Really makes me upset

  2. I went to 4 stores and one fast food restaurant (that always has papers on sunday) and NONE of them had the P&G in the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) today. I”m in Carrollton GA … anyone around this area actually get the P&G?.

    • You need to contact your newspaper and complain to them! I have had coupons missing, usually P&Gs. The people at newspaper told me it’s the delivery person not including them or removing them from your paper. Complain and let your voice be heard!

    • Same here I was looking for the retail me not coupon to in the That morning newspaper about two on them And nothing so I went back to the store to make sure and they were all the same I think that’s kind a retarded That we don’t get them all what can we do about it after paying $4 a paper There was a sign with the paper saying $3 dollars for the paper the check gave it to me for the $3 each I live in Tyler Texas and new to couponing. Not much we can do I think I wish I can get a hold of retail me not coupon company

  3. I subscribe to he Chicago Tribune and there were no coupon insert in my paper.The front page header stated That coupon savings were in the paper. That really irked me,

    • Same here I had a whole year of Chicago tribune and never had coupons I had to cancel them and there was time I never had my paper delivered to me. I called and complained and they would say they are sending someone and never came this happened for 7 months straight. I just asked them for my money back. They really do suck at their job.

  4. I have not been getting the RMN inserts in my Dallas morning paper for weeks now also !!!!’ Very upset ! If this keeps happening i will not buy Dallas morning newspaper !!!
    Why is this happening ?

  5. Thanks for posting these! It helps me out.
    I quit ordering the paper because here the Journal Times charges 4.25 for Sunday’s delivery and i wouldn’t get the coupona or ½ the times i didn’t get the sales flyers. I had to call and complain every week. After months i said forget it!

  6. If you live in a small town, you will get less coupons. The manufacture has to pay to have the coupons printed for each city. Its a form of advertisement, they really dont care if you get a coupon or not. They want the most bang for their advertising buck, and the most people to see it at the least cost to them. So larger cities will get more & better coupons, the small cities will not. Order a paper from a large city near you or move to a more populated area.

    • That is a generalization – the part about big cities versus small towns. I live in Seattle. We don’t get full inserts consistently any more. Occasionally we get the full Smart Source, often times no. Retail Me Nots are delivered through the mail and are never ever the full insert – the good ones are always excluded.

  7. Om in Waxahachie Tx and I never get the RMN inserts. I’ve returned my newspapers for that reason. I believe that those delivering are taking them out because they are money makers for those selling coupons online.

  8. I always buy the paper and now I check that coupons are there. Coupon ladies have been taking them out. I’ve seen them. It really gets me upset. Then they sell them online😱

  9. The problems is not the cities.vThe problem is that they discover a lot of coupon fraud in certain states. We use to get P&G all the time and they stop sending PG. When we get it once in a blue moon it doesn’t have Tide,Downey, Gain, El Vive, Jimmy Dean etc. This is in P.A.

  10. I live in NJ and I’ve noticed that the P&G coupons are NOT in my Sunday papers either. I made a mention to the store I go to buy them in. When asked how I knew what coupons are going to be in the Sunday papers, I showed him my Email that tells when and which coupons are going to be available, He was startled! Two weeks later, they were in my paper!

  11. I live in Albuquerque NM and when we supposed to get the retail me not, p&g and smart source i just get 2 inserts p&g and one of the other and sometimes when i see that the coupons are realle good I have to buy the inserts online 5 of each. I used to get the rmn on Wednesday with the stores ad’s and now I haven’t get the rmn ita been 7months.

  12. I’m new to couponing and missing coupons has had me so confused. I live in Pa. We don’t get retail me not coupons at all, P&G maybe once a month and never any laundry coupons. Even online once you put in your zip the coupons disapear. I was so psyched about the make-up coupons I seen everyone talking about for 1/5/20 SS and I got none. Even the SS I did get didn’t have the cover girl coupons it was said to have had.

    • I have some CoverGirl coupons I would give you for free. We dont k ow each other but if you had an address you could use I would send them to you; i dont use CG

    • the p&g only comes out once a month thats why u only getting it about once a month but you can go to p&geveryday to print there laundry coupons

  13. You can change your zip code to get different coupons. We get aRMN in the mail weekly but p&g and smart source come in paper which is $3. Not worth it. Way cheaper to order from a clipping service. I post.10 cents and only get the ones I need préclipped. So much easier and cheaper

  14. I’m in sonoma county in northern California. I only got the smart source from times herald newspaper. Does anyone know which paper gives all coupons?? Thanks.

  15. Everyone Lives so far away from me in Toledo, Ohio, I never know what is missing or not!! The store ads will be missing if it has a coupon on it, I never see a revlon coupon and I’m for certain the Eucerin coupons for this week will be absent…

  16. Here in el paso tx people are taking them out the newspapers and selling them on the online yard garage sales its so ridicoulous and very upsetting what people do for money

  17. I didn’t get any smart source inserts in any of my Sunday papers this week 3/15/2020. I went thru ever paper @ the news stand in my store. No inserts!

  18. Maybe if people stopped misusing coupons then people would get these coupons. My region doesn’t get tide, gain or arm and hammer. I was told by a family dollar worker that starting next month that they will be checking every coupon you use even the digitals because of the misuse.

  19. I live in Southern California, in San Diego, which I consider a pretty big city and we have not had the P&G insert in the paper for several years now. I know that some areas in Georgia and a few other areas had them pulled as well. This was because in these areas, the P&G inserts were never making it into the papers because there were some greedy people stealing the inserts and selling them online or cutting the coupons out and selling them online individually. Another example of how a few bad people ruin it for everyone. Also, more recently, since the end of last year, my region has not received any Garnier or Loreal coupons in any of the inserts even when all other regions get them. I have not yet heard what caused those companies to stop sending coupons here.

  20. We are supposed to get the retailmenot and P&G in our junk mail fliers from the mailman. we never get ours but other neighborhoods do, i think the mailman is stealing our areas inserts

  21. I get my weekly coupons now from my Wednesday shopping flyers in my mail. It just comes that way. I don’t need to buy Kansas City paper anymore, besides it is $4.


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