Dollar General Clearance Deals 2021 (Extra 50% off Clearance Event)

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Dollar General Clearance Deals

There’s a new ⭐️ Dollar General Additional 50% off Clearance Event! Head to Dollar General during this event to get clearance deals.

Dollar General Clearance Sales Event is expected to start 10/8/21 and run through 10/10/21 (Take an additional 50% off select core & seasonal items).

The Dollar General Clearance Event is an easy way to get HOT ⭐️ Dollar General Clearance Deals!

Remember that Dollar General allows you to use manufacturer coupons on any clearance items to maximize savings!

See participating stores for all the details! Good luck in your Dollar General Clearance Event hunting!

**Please note that this Dollar General Clearance Event may vary by location or region.


  1. Why does it say an additional 50% off when in fact it’s not true. If it rings up half off that’s all the discount you get. There’s something wrong with the way this is said.

    • Most employees and some managers are not aware that the registers do not automatically take the additional 50% off the clearence items. On the registers keyboard there is a button that will take the extra 50% off an item. This button is usually blank and only activates during these sells. But it really does no good because most employees have no knowledge of this and will tell you the register takes the discount.

      • This is not true! The clearance event is 50 percent off already reduced items so therefore there already marled down then ring up 50 more at register

      • This is not true. The button is there, but we get flagged for using it. It’s not blank. Cashiers CANNOT hit without a key turn. That’s why we have the hht beside us to change the prices that the system doesn’t change themselves. If you go into a store and the register doesn’t change price, you can stop cashier and ask her for a real price check with the hht which should already be on register. No prices can be changed unless a keyholder does them. Just giving true information.

    • Exactly it’s false advertising because when stores list that it’s supposed to be additional 50%off the sticker that’s already on there and dollar general is not doing it like that . I know because I have worked retail my whole life. But tried to by from them today and they say it’s the price already marked.10/11/19 False advertising

      • I had the same problem the other day shopping for toys for my grandchildren and the manager was very rude and refused to sell me the items in my buggy for the 50% off as advertised price! There were also 50% off flyers hanging all over the toy shelves that clearly said 50% off all blue dot Items! When I got to the register it rang up full price and she refused to override it and when I told her that was clearly false advertisement because even the sale paper said 50% off blue dot Items and she said well it’s not my fault it’s not coming off! And she was a manager!! She said I can only sell you one and I had a buggy full of toys! I just turned around and walked out of the store! This is not the first time that this manger has refused to sell me items that were advertised at a certain price. That is false advertisement and I’m certainly reporting this rude manager to headquarters! My advise? Never shop at Dollar general in Raeford North Carolina!! Never! Very rude managers!!!!

        • In my area, only certain toys were 50% off. All toys are together but you have to read the sign. I think it was yellow star and blue dot toys 50% off. Hope this helps.

      • That is NOT false advertising 😂😂 are you serious?? It’s a total accident. It’s suppose to ring up and it doesn’t. Stuff happens.

    • the clearance at DG is only like 10 or 15 CENTS off. thats it. so when they give you a 50 percent off cleareance event youre getting the item for the 10 cents and an ADDITIONAL 50 percent off. if you actually look you can find great deals, you just arent a good couponer and you probably are a pain customer for giving THEM a hard time cause you cant read. its honestly not hard.

    • Tabitha, you have to watch as they ring up and let them know when something doesn’t take the extra 50% off. Every store I go to during these sales has items that don’t do it like they are supposed to, & I have to point it out to the cashier(s) – they always fix it with no issues. So much different stuff is in the bins when they do these sales, & the employees expect the software to do what it is supposed to do when they scan items, so it’s up to us customers to be on our toes and SAVE THAT MONEY (LOL)

    • My store does it to me EVERY TIME without fail. If the item rings 50% off they refuse to do as they’re suppose to be doing. Ive given up with arguing with them because they get snippy and go “14 year old girl” on me. So I just smile and politely say okay then thank you but I dont want them…any of them”
      It seems like Cor. could pre-program the scanners/registers to ring the clearance items up as they are suppose to!

    • When I was shopping in Bentonville,Arkansas the things I bought were marked 70% off. They rang up for 1/2 of the 70%off price. I came back the next day and still were.

    • Sorry to say but you had a crappy cashier. Most of the managers knew that if they ring up on clearance then they if they don’t know how in their head they use a calculator take off 70% and then 50 more percent but I had a guy they kept telling me that the stuff wasn’t on sale and when I came back the next day it had already been thrown away because the sale was over and it was really good stuff and it really upset me but I made sure I got my 70% and 50%

      • It wasn’t thrown away, it went to Dirt Cheap. Go to a Dirt Cheap, all you see is isle after isle of Dollar General merchandise.

    • I work for Dollar General and the sale is ONLy CERTAIN locations. NOT ALL DGs are doing the sale. We are not and I’m in NC

  2. I just went Tonight and thought awesome because the stuff already marked down half off will be another half off. That is literally what the sign says. Take an additional 50% off of already reduced clearance prices. So I get a buggy full. Go to check out and it’s all ringing up just the half off. I said all of that should be another half off because it’s all from the clearance stuff. Well I was told that it doesn’t mean that. That it literally means half off. Period. I went and got the sign and showed her ADDITIONAL HALF OFF ALREADY REDUCED CLEARANCE. SHE STILL SAID THAT ISMT EHAT IT MEANS AND AP I HAD TO PUT MOST OF IT BACK AND WAS ONLY GIVEN THE ORIGINAL HALF OFF. WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG AND SHOULD BE GOVEN TO EVERYONE EXACTLY AS THE PAPER STATES. I WAS VERY MAD. LOL.

    • Omg!!! Same experience! We pulled the sign off the table and pointed to the the verbiage that said “additional” off of already reduced clearance price and they were like it’s already reduced! Wth!! Calling corporate!

    • I get mad at the same type thing. Each store is different and really just depends on how they read it. I totally agree with you and have had it done in some stores. I think they just need more training from the home offuce. (Or learn to read)

    • I would not have put that stuff up. I dont know but I hope Corp reads these comments I have a half a mind to call them and ask them to spell it out for me. All my 45 years of life I understood the word ADDITIONAL to mean basically “in addition to” after the original 50% was taken off then an ADDITIONAL 50% WILL BW TAKEN OFF. SMDH I know its only a sale and not exactly important but its the principle behind it

    • Awww that is really too bad! They really should tell their people how to do it because that’s pure ignorance and it’s not coming out of their pocket I got all my stuff for dirt cheap because my store actually knew how to do it well some of them did at least. Good help is hard to find and I’ve noticed that the people that are the dumbest they don’t know what they’re doing they will not listen and they will not stop thinking the way they are thinking even though they are wrong I would have had it tell him I was going to call corporate or something and somebody would have had to tell them what the real gig was

    • You should call corporate if they will not honor the advertised sale. That’s only after you talk with the shift supervisor or manager. But if you’ve talked with each one, and you are still not getting treated fairly, then I’d call corporate right then and there. If it is late and corporate can not be reached, and you’ve exhausted all other outlets, then I’d take pictures of all your things in your cart. I know it takes alot of time, but this will be your proof.. so take pictures of every item you were trying to purchase. Scan them into your DG app. And save all of the upc’s. Because most likely after you talk to corporate, the cashier /shift manager, or who ever was ringing you up, will try and lie and say what you had in ur cart is not what you’re claiming. So always cover your butt. Now if you only hve 1 or 2 items, this might not be worth the hassle, but if you shop like I do, then its definitely worth the extra effort. So the next day you need to call and give corporate all the info,.. from my experience, it worked out in my favor. I hope this helps you out and gives you a little encouragement to not give up when you know you are not being treated right, and when the dollar generals employees are too ignorant to read and comprehend the clearance event sale papers and signs. .. ALWAYS STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR RIGHTS. god bless

  3. They did you wrong! A couple of Dollar. General told mevthe same thing so they went & read it that additional word means something. They didn’t let me get the discountiued Bounty at 1/2 price. Thecother store did she said she neefed to make room for the new shipment.

    • that is so messed up that they didn’t let you have the 50% and the 70% and the 50% that’s messed up. But I think what they were told is that if it’s not a sticker telling them how much then the price that they ring up for then you get 15 more percent off that’s the stuff that wasn’t marked but that wasn’t even true either just depends if the manager was a good person or not and wants to get rid of the stuff. But supposedly if it had a price sticker on it that already had the first markdown then you got to 70% and then the 50% but like I said if it was not marked and like say it was $5 ringing up for $3 then you got the additional 50% off because nothing was marked on the package which doesn’t hardly make any sense but I keep thinking maybe they’re going to have the sale again but I don’t see it

  4. I also had the same issues all the stuff I bought did not include the extra 50% OFF. I was already home and peeled all the stickers off. Ready to wrap for for the holidays. I get out my receipt. At home because I was so pissed in the store and Called and spoke to the manager he told me extra 50% off the lowest stickered price. I told him I will be tomorrow morning he said fine I will adjust your prices. He probably thinks it’s a few things…Oh well. I’m literally angry.
    Also the store I was at only had 2 tables one in doorway with like 4 things on it then another table with rugs on it. I asked then and how the sale went. I said is this all you have. She said no is scatter throughout the store but the signs were hung everywhere. The said they were too busy to get the sale ready. Just look for the sticker prices and those items are 50% of stickers.


    • That’s too bad they told you wrong! They really did you wrong! If there was stickers on there with a price that wasn’t the original price then you got the 70% and then the 50% which made everything so Dirt Cheap it was pitiful but my cashier kept bringing things up that weren’t on sale and if I’d say I don’t want it I seen him press the minus button but it wouldn’t come off so I ended up having to go back and get my money back because it was a bunch of stuff on there that wasn’t deleted off my receipt properly

  5. Omg!!! Same experience! We pulled the sign off the table and pointed to the the verbiage that said “additional” off of already reduced clearance price and they were like it’s already reduced! Wth!! Calling corporate!

  6. Yeah, I’m having the same issue here. The flipping manager didn’t even know either. She asked me if that’s what the ad said. I told her additional 50% of clearance. She drugged her shoulders and said I don’t know. Come on you are killing me with stupidity.

    • I had a manger at a store also that had no clue about what to do with the sale. When the lady ringing me up asked the manager she also shrugged her shoulders and said just give it to her at 90% off! Then I had to figure out the new prices for the clerk! I did get a lot of things at good prices but it was stressful! And I can’t believe that the manager didn’t have a clue about anything!

      • Hi, dollar general employee here. I’m honestly disgusted by the disrespect I’m reading on this thread towards other employees. We are not stupid, we just don’t get enough information from corporate. They make these sales without even telling us half the time and we have to figure it out. All the orange stickers that are an additional half off? We weren’t given a list, they expect us to know, basically to have every orange sticker item and the original discounted percentage memorized without giving us even a days worth of warning. We are humans, and we make mistakes, we don’t have perfect memories and we are doing our best with the constant flips that corporate is throwing at us. Customers like you, who are rude and have exactly ZERO idea what is going on behind the scene, and jump straight to blaming employees should be ashamed of yourselves. No-one is REQUIRED to give you a deal, you should be grateful for what you are given, it is nice that dollar general even offers the original 50% off, you wouldn’t see that elsewhere. While I understand that it is disappointing, if an employee says there is nothing they can do, there is really nothing we can do. We aren’t just trying to be mean or stiff you, we don’t care how much the store makes or loses, we get minimum wage all the same. Maybe stop taking the company’s decisions as a direct reflection of the will of employees and garner a little understanding. When that happens, maybe we’ll stop coming in early just to pull penny items from the shelves so that we don’t have to deal with the entitlement anymore. We don’t deserve to be spoken about/treated this way.

        Lecture over.

        • “No-one is REQUIRED to give you a deal, you should be grateful for what you are given, it is nice that dollar general even offers the original 50% off”

          While your statement is true that no one is REQUIRED to give someone a deal, it is the employees, store managers, and corporate office that should be grateful for customers shopping at Dollar General. Without the customers, the stores would close and you would be looking elsewhere for employment. When advertisements are made to take an additional 50% of the clearance prices, that means to take another 50% off the reduced price. Customers are not trying to cheat stores or employees, but simply receive the savings that are advertised to them. I agree that it’s not right to be mad at employees, yell at them, nor pitch a fit. Likewise, no employee should ever disrespect a customer. Simple state what you are allowed to do and ask them to contact corporate so they can resolve the problem.

  7. the clearance at DG is only like 10 or 15 CENTS off. thats it. so when they give you a 50 percent off cleareance event youre getting the item for the 10 cents and an ADDITIONAL 50 percent off. if you actually look you can find great deals, you just arent a good couponer and you probably are a pain customer for giving THEM a hard time cause you cant read. its honestly not hard.

  8. So the way this works is when a item is discontinued it is marked down 10-25% Off the regular price . The store then prices the item at the DISCOUNTED price . When the clearance event occurs the item is sold at an additional 50% off the YES already marked down price

  9. Well I work for DG and our store staff has been informed that the sell is an additional 50 percent off the clearance price. And that is exactly what our customers will be getting from our Store. And is how we were instructed to do by corporate. Sorry about you experience but it isn’t DG they are fair and if they advertise something the public gets it even if we have to price override.

    • Ruby, 3 of the 4 stores closest to where I live do exactly the same thing as your store. If a discontinued item has an orange sticker, (example- orange sticker is 2.00) they take 50% off that price during these sales (so it is 1.00). I never have a problem with the employees honoring the sale -but I notice a lot of times items in the bins don’t give the extra 50% automatically when they are scanned at check out, so I tell people WATCH the prices when you check out, if an item doesn’t do the additional discount, politely point it out to the cashier – it’s not their fault that the software didn’t discount properly & Lord knows y’all are overwhelmed with shoppers during these sales, so don’t get upset or pitch a bit*h fit, just be nice and let the cashier know. Works for me every time. Glad to see you posted this here, some stores really do have people who ignore the policy and get nasty about it, your voice lets everybody know that corporate DOES instruct the stores on this procedure, & all the stores should be complying.
      The 4th store in my area is one of those like so many people are complaining about, they act like the extra 50% is whatever the register says – even if it’s wrong… I used to try and work with them, but it was a waste of time and energy so I just pass on that one now 🙂

  10. Well I work for DG and our store staff has been informed that the sell is an additional 50 percent off the clearance price. And that is exactly what our customers will be getting from our Store. And is how we were instructed to do by corporate. Sorry about you experience but it isn’t DG they are fair and if they advertise something the public gets it even if we have to price override. Also sale don’t start till tomorrow so you wouldn’t be able to get sale price till the sale starts at 8 am Friday

  11. The way the sale works is the discontinue price is only 10 % off so don’t expect 50 %percent off of 50 cause that’s not the case ,people are misunderstanding the sale so don’t be applying that they don’t give the 50% off or that employees don’t know what they doing..

  12. I got several items for half off. Even the orange stickers on the shelves that said 10, 20 30% off etc were even half off. The dollar store statement above says orange stickers are half off also.

  13. Also, you can check out DG apps and it actually shows orange ticketed shelf items that are an addition half off. That was my experience at two stores.

  14. I went to 3 stores today. 2 gave the correct discount and the 3rd said only their last chance items where 50% off. I always go to these sales and have never had the problem I had at this store. The Dollar General company needs to teach their workers!

  15. how does the 3 day event work when u shop online? the clearance pice comes up, then u go to checkout… does it then take an extra 50% off?

  16. I have been doing the dollar general couponing for a few months now and it’s either hit or miss I’ve traveled near and far to find other dollar generals I’ve been on stores where the cashier’s were great and been in we where they were rude and didn’t wanna honor the prices so I would leave merchandise that was clearly on sale there because I shouldn’t have to argue prices should be in the system all that winter crap need to be 90percent offf at this point..

  17. Corporate won’t do anything, or they would have already fixed it. Contact your state attorney’s office and the BBB. It may take awhile, but when enough complaints are filled, then they will be forced to change and not be misleading. Take pictures to send with your complaint.

  18. I was at a Dollar General yesterday. Today I was thinking about my visit there, got out my receipt and realized that it didn’t give me 50% off anything. I call the store to tell them. The girl I spoke to said she didn’t know what was on the saw. It was spread out in the store. I asked how the register knew what it was and she said it was already programmed in.

  19. If you are not sure about the price of a sale item download the dg app and use the cart calculator and item scanner to get the price before you get to the register. Clearence items are different than discontinued items. A discontinued item is an item that was removed from the core shelf location because it was replaced by a new item during a reset. Discontinued items initially go down 10% in price and can go lower depending on how long they sit eventually dropping all the way down to 1cent then they are removed from the shelves. Discontinued items are put in the clearence isle and are included on the 50% off sales. Clearence items are referred to seasonal items that are on sale because space is needed for new sets. Like Christmas Easter or summer sets. Seasonal items have a color coded dot square circle or star on the tag. Discontinued items are marked with a red or orange sticker. Some items in the clearence isle that are discontinued or do not have a sticker may not ring up 50%off. These items do not ring because they are considered mag items. Mag items should have a yellow sticker on them and won’t ring up on the sale. Mag items are items that dont have a spot on the shelf but at the same time are not discontinued. Mag items come from sets or pdq displays that when the display time is over and they need to be moved back to the home location on the shelf not all the items have a spot. These items are usually a different flavor or scent or size the store doesnt normally sell and do not
    have a location. You can say mag items are in limbo because they aren’t clearence or discontinued or may be a pending new item. Sometimes they will be labeled with a clearence sticker just so those items can be sold at the store managers discretion and the discount will have to be manually overridden at the register. If an item is not labeled or has a yellow sticker there is no expectation that those items are included in the sale. However if multiple items are on the clearence shelf it is common practice for the manager to honor the price on one of the items and remove the rest once they are aware of the error. However if it’s a mag item that wasnt labeled the discount may be given on all the items at the managers disrection if they feel they need to get rid of them but this is rare.

  20. Complain to better business bureau for false advertising. There’s also bait and switch which tractor supply does on occasion.

  21. Additional 50 % off marked price. Marked price may be just a little off. It doesn’t have to be 50% of the original price. Say the original was 7 and they marked it down to $6. You’ll pay $3 during additional 50% off sale. The real bargains are the things marked 50-75% off before this sale.

  22. Well I sure hate it for yAll bc I’ve went to 6 dif dg today alone and Every1 of them have offered the 10% items PLUS 50% added to that then 50% off of all clearance as well…if u think it’s false advertising REPORT IT BC IT IS IF THWY DONT HONOR IT CALL CORPORATE…goodluck

  23. 😆 any of yal that think this is false, or “for bait”, “false advertising” etc. Etc. Jokes on yal. Cause im a DG employee and my store just this am was making SURE all clearance items were pulled from the shelf n organized in obe spot n as i scanned those items it took half off the clearance price not half off just the original price.

  24. I see all these complaints not sure where you live but I got great deals but the best thing to do is download the app so you can check the price before going up to the register

  25. I don’t understand why everyone is so angry. Even if we are only getting a flat 50% off…you are still getting a good deal. Get it or don’t is how I feel.

  26. I am very fortunate to live close to a Dollar general store that is number one in retail. If your item that you have selected says take an additional 50% off already clearance price, it rarely does not ring up at that clearance price, if it does ring up incorrectly all we have to do is ask the cashier to check it, and a manager come to the front and fixes it. they always do. The employees that work at this Dollar general in Richwood West Virginia, take the time to make sure that their customers are happy when they leave the store. It’s true you can’t please everybody all the time but this crew tries very hard and usually succeeds. I’m very thankful for them.

    • I went tonight. Andrea (Cashier in Lacombe, LA) was most welcoming. I’d never been to that location. Still without power, I needed candles. I selected from home decor. She then informed me of the additional sale on already clearances items in outdoor and lawn. I began price checking each item that wasn’t displaying prices on the tags. She was extremely patient. I then gave her my situation in detail. No power= no water. I bathe directly from my well. She showed me every marked down item that could improve my situation.
      Kids pool- went from $8.00 to $1.10 at register. I bought two because Andrea informed me that vegetable planting seeds were .15¢ marked down from $1.00
      5 outdoor candles
      * packs of Seeds
      2 pools
      2 gardening tools
      1 water hose
      1 sprinkler/shower
      nozzle +2 double
      valve backflow.
      1 dog bone
      6 magic light
      1 mood altering/ day changing/ graciously hospital/ pleasant overall shopping experience + whatever forgot to mention (LOL)
      AT REGISTER!!!
      under $26.00 because that’s all I had on me.
      I left with change.
      Because of that additional sale, going to/ getting out of bed won’t be so difficult. I’m going back tomorrow for because I overheard Andrea say she would be there.

      * I didn’t count

  27. Ive been reading through the comments all 57 of them !
    where most people are saying that something similar has happened to them!
    I agree!
    it’s happened to me multiple times multiple different clearance events and yes we have to stay on our toes.
    However isn’t it a bit ridiculous that it’s their sale and we have to redo the adding subtracting or lack thereof ?
    I think there’s enough people on here
    it’s something that’s happening a lot and not a little!
    they can’t change this they can’t change that! Excuses

    But they can sure tell you no on a coupon QUICK!

    they know where all those buttons are!!

    I find it to be a bit funny not haha…BUT AGGRAVATING!!


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