Dollar General Clearance Deals 2019 (with Extra 50% Off Event)

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Dollar General Clearance Deals

There’s a NEW Dollar General Clearance Event, Friday 10/18 – Sunday 10/20! Head to Dollar General to save an additional 50% off previously reduced clearance items (Includes Green Dot Home, Swim and Swimmer Toys and previously marked Lawn and Garden.  Excludes American Flags, Quad Chairs, Weed and bug Sprays, Miraclee Gro Shake ‘n Feed, Repel Granules, Bitefighter and Citronella Fuel)

dollar general clearance event october 18 2019

See participating stores for all the details!

The Dollar General Clearance Event is an easy way to get HOT Dollar General Clearance Deals!

Remember that Dollar General allows you to use manufacturer coupons on any clearance items to maximize savings!

Don’t miss this October 2019 Dollar General Clearance Event!

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Clearance Deals at Dollar General

Good luck in your Dollar General Clearance Event hunting!

**Please note that this Dollar General Clearance Event may vary by location or region.


  1. Why does it say an additional 50% off when in fact it’s not true. If it rings up half off that’s all the discount you get. There’s something wrong with the way this is said.

    • Most employees and some managers are not aware that the registers do not automatically take the additional 50% off the clearence items. On the registers keyboard there is a button that will take the extra 50% off an item. This button is usually blank and only activates during these sells. But it really does no good because most employees have no knowledge of this and will tell you the register takes the discount.

    • Exactly it’s false advertising because when stores list that it’s supposed to be additional 50%off the sticker that’s already on there and dollar general is not doing it like that . I know because I have worked retail my whole life. But tried to by from them today and they say it’s the price already marked.10/11/19 False advertising

  2. I just went Tonight and thought awesome because the stuff already marked down half off will be another half off. That is literally what the sign says. Take an additional 50% off of already reduced clearance prices. So I get a buggy full. Go to check out and it’s all ringing up just the half off. I said all of that should be another half off because it’s all from the clearance stuff. Well I was told that it doesn’t mean that. That it literally means half off. Period. I went and got the sign and showed her ADDITIONAL HALF OFF ALREADY REDUCED CLEARANCE. SHE STILL SAID THAT ISMT EHAT IT MEANS AND AP I HAD TO PUT MOST OF IT BACK AND WAS ONLY GIVEN THE ORIGINAL HALF OFF. WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG AND SHOULD BE GOVEN TO EVERYONE EXACTLY AS THE PAPER STATES. I WAS VERY MAD. LOL.

    • Omg!!! Same experience! We pulled the sign off the table and pointed to the the verbiage that said “additional” off of already reduced clearance price and they were like it’s already reduced! Wth!! Calling corporate!

  3. They did you wrong! A couple of Dollar. General told mevthe same thing so they went & read it that additional word means something. They didn’t let me get the discountiued Bounty at 1/2 price. Thecother store did she said she neefed to make room for the new shipment.

  4. I also had the same issues all the stuff I bought did not include the extra 50% OFF. I was already home and peeled all the stickers off. Ready to wrap for for the holidays. I get out my receipt. At home because I was so pissed in the store and Called and spoke to the manager he told me extra 50% off the lowest stickered price. I told him I will be tomorrow morning he said fine I will adjust your prices. He probably thinks it’s a few things…Oh well. I’m literally angry.
    Also the store I was at only had 2 tables one in doorway with like 4 things on it then another table with rugs on it. I asked then and how the sale went. I said is this all you have. She said no is scatter throughout the store but the signs were hung everywhere. The said they were too busy to get the sale ready. Just look for the sticker prices and those items are 50% of stickers.

  5. Omg!!! Same experience! We pulled the sign off the table and pointed to the the verbiage that said “additional” off of already reduced clearance price and they were like it’s already reduced! Wth!! Calling corporate!

  6. Yeah, I’m having the same issue here. The flipping manager didn’t even know either. She asked me if that’s what the ad said. I told her additional 50% of clearance. She drugged her shoulders and said I don’t know. Come on you are killing me with stupidity.

    • I had a manger at a store also that had no clue about what to do with the sale. When the lady ringing me up asked the manager she also shrugged her shoulders and said just give it to her at 90% off! Then I had to figure out the new prices for the clerk! I did get a lot of things at good prices but it was stressful! And I can’t believe that the manager didn’t have a clue about anything!


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