Dollar General Ad (4/21/24 – 4/27/24) Weekly Preview

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Dollar General Weekly ad preview

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Reader Comments:

  1. I really enjoy the new dollar store on Crockett , I love the workers that work there and the store is very clean and very organized!

  2. I have been to many dollar General stores and have had rude cashiers and bad service. I m handicapped and it is hard to get down the aisles. I have recently moved to up north Cheboygan area and I have had the best experience with the workers. They are all so pleasant and helpful happy and cheerful and I can’t say enough positive about that store and the employees. Stir #90121
    Thank you very much for listening.

  3. Ilive in AUBURN,KY its a very small town.we have 1 dollar is very clean,brent,vincent,kaleb,and alex,go out of there way to help me when i go in,they are always smiling,and so friendly with everyone .oh i can’t forget sandy,becca,and Ashley,they are always helping ma,this store s number 1 n my book. store number 04523 thanks Louise Colston.


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