Vodka Infused Watermelon

Vodka Infused Watermelon
Vodka Infused Watermelon

Vodka Infused Watermelon

Here is a ⭐️Vodka Infused Watermelon recipe for the adults! A cool and refreshing cocktail/snack that is great for adult parties and/or tailgating. So simple to make yet so yummy and refreshing!

The combination of the sweet melon, salt and Vodka is delicious!

Remember not to drink (or in this case eat) and drive!

Tammy eating a slice of watermelon before the Steelers game!
Vodka Infused Watermelon

Vodka Infused Watermelon

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Prep Time: 2 days


  • 1 Seedless Watermelon (20lbs)
  • 1 L Grey Goose Vodka
  • Kosher salt to taste


  • Using a large drill bit, drill a hole in the top of the watermelon that is deep enough to go through the rind.
  • Turn the bottle of vodka upside down and insert into the watermelon.
  • Once all the vodka has been absorbed into the watermelon remove the bottle and cover the hole with a piece of duct tape.
  • Roll the watermelon once or twice daily to evenly mix the vodka.
  • To serve slice melon and sprinkle slices with Kosher salt to taste

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