1/26/20 Sunday Coupon Preview (1 SmartSource, 1 P&G & 2 RetailMeNot Inserts)

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Sunday Coupon Preview

Sunday Coupon Preview for 1/26/20!! This Sunday (January 26th, 2020) we are expecting 4 inserts! Thanks Capri’s Coupons!

Coupons vary from region to region, but you can use this ✅ Sunday Insert Coupon Preview as a guide to see the expected coupons for the following week! You can check out the different coupons found in the paper over at Capri’s Coupons! Photo Credit: NC clipped & whole insert and NC clipped & whole insert!

1/26/20 Scans Below (1 SmartSource Insert & 2 RetailMeNot Insert)

See the pictures of the 1/26/20 February P&G Insert (Click Here)!

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RetailMeNot Insert #1 1-26-20

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  1. Why don’t I get all the coupons from the Sunday Tribune?
    I am ALWAYS missing some… Really makes me upset

  2. I went to 4 stores and one fast food restaurant (that always has papers on sunday) and NONE of them had the P&G in the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) today. I”m in Carrollton GA … anyone around this area actually get the P&G?.

    • You need to contact your newspaper and complain to them! I have had coupons missing, usually P&Gs. The people at newspaper told me it’s the delivery person not including them or removing them from your paper. Complain and let your voice be heard!

  3. If you live in a small town, you will get less coupons. The manufacture has to pay to have the coupons printed for each city. Its a form of advertisement, they really dont care if you get a coupon or not. They want the most bang for their advertising buck, and the most people to see it at the least cost to them. So larger cities will get more & better coupons, the small cities will not. Order a paper from a large city near you or move to a more populated area.

    • That is a generalization – the part about big cities versus small towns. I live in Seattle. We don’t get full inserts consistently any more. Occasionally we get the full Smart Source, often times no. Retail Me Nots are delivered through the mail and are never ever the full insert – the good ones are always excluded.

  4. The problems is not the cities.vThe problem is that they discover a lot of coupon fraud in certain states. We use to get P&G all the time and they stop sending PG. When we get it once in a blue moon it doesn’t have Tide,Downey, Gain, El Vive, Jimmy Dean etc. This is in P.A.

  5. I live in NJ and I’ve noticed that the P&G coupons are NOT in my Sunday papers either. I made a mention to the store I go to buy them in. When asked how I knew what coupons are going to be in the Sunday papers, I showed him my Email that tells when and which coupons are going to be available, He was startled! Two weeks later, they were in my paper!

  6. I’m new to couponing and missing coupons has had me so confused. I live in Pa. We don’t get retail me not coupons at all, P&G maybe once a month and never any laundry coupons. Even online once you put in your zip the coupons disapear. I was so psyched about the make-up coupons I seen everyone talking about for 1/5/20 SS and I got none. Even the SS I did get didn’t have the cover girl coupons it was said to have had.

    • I have some CoverGirl coupons I would give you for free. We dont k ow each other but if you had an address you could use I would send them to you; i dont use CG


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