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Reader Comments:

  1. The Smith’s store in Taos, New Mexico is something to be desired. I like their sales but the store itself is dirty and uninviting. After 8 PM there’s only one check stand open while the line is a mile long. Unacceptable!!
    Upper Management needs to come and address some critical issues.
    Also, no raincheck when they run out of sale items, this is also unacceptable. I have visited stores in Albuquerque that are stellar. I and all my fellow shoppers would like the same here in Taos. It’s like we’re the Stepchild and ignored.
    There’s a dark haired curly headed manager who is very and I mean very rude. This is also unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

    Thank you,

  2. Rosa; I worked the grocery business for over 30+ yrs. I’m sorry you have such appalling shopping conditions. The 2 Smith’s in my town are FANTASTIC. I assure you it’s STORE Management. A call to Kroger HQ in Cincinnati, Oh. with the store # and Manager’s name will get some action. Especially if you threaten to shop elsewhere. Be SPECIFIC about interactions, date, time etc. GOOD LUCK 🤞.


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