Peach Blackberry Popsicle Recipe

Peach Blackberry Popsicles

Peach Blackberry Popsicle Recipe

Every day in the month of June we are bringing you a yummy popsicle recipe in our 30-Days of Popsicle Recipes series! Be sure to check back each day to see what new icy-cold Popsicle treats we have in store for you!

Well we missed a day of popsicle recipes yesterday. Life just burped all over me yesterday when my husband came home 1/2 hour after leaving for work with the fabulous news that he was laid off. Sigh! He has an interview tomorrow with a job he is pretty confident he will get but if not a former employer says they will hire him back on. So I have faith that he will have something soon.

But enough about that! Let’s talk about these yummy peach blackberry popsicles! This is another all-fruit popsicle recipe and is SO yummy and refreshing. Peaches are not quite yet in full season here so these came out a little more tart than I would have liked but if you live where it is warmer and have acces to some juicy ripe peaches go for it. Otherwise I think I should have added a little sweetener (honey perhaps). But even on the tart side they were good. And because these are all fruit – feel free to let the kids chow down on some for breakfast. The picture is of my son Liam enjoying a refreshing bite! Yum!


  • 4-5 Medium Peaches, sliced (I left the peels on)
  • 1 (6 Oz.) Carton Blackberries
  • Water (if needed)


  • In the jar of a blender puree the peaches until nice and smooth, adding a touch of water if needed to get them to blend.
  • Dump in the blackberries and pulse just a couple of times so that you retain some blackberry chunks.
  • Pour mixture into popsicle molds and freeze until solid.
  • Unmold and lick and nibble and maybe let a little dribble down your wrist and enjoy!