Freezer Meal: Breakfast Burritos

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Freezer Meal: Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos Freezer Meal Recipe

One of my goals for the new year is to do more freezer meals for my family. In looking over my spending habits and I can clearly see that our family spent entirely too much money eating out and I need to bring that down. So the plan is, to make more meals at home and have items in my freezer ready to be warmed up or cooked for easy meals that don’t cost me a fortune.

Even though I have a stockpile of food there are many days where I look and say “we don’t have anything to eat”. What that really means is that I didn’t thaw out any meat or plan something for dinner or I just don’t want to cook. I am a lucky girl in that my husband cooks 50% of the meals for our crew. We switch days on who cooks and who cleans the kitchen. That works for us. We both work a full-time job. It was not always this way however because I have been a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom for 20+ years and I used to do all of the cooking and cleaning. It took my husband some time to get around to the notion that I now work a full time job, often longer hours than he does at his job outside of the home.

So, back to the goal….do more batch cooking and have options in my freezer ready to go for those days we don’t feel like cooking and are tempted to going out for dinner or grabbing a donut or muffin at the store.

I hate cooking breakfast. I am not a morning person. I dislike the smell of food cooking first thing in the morning. And I don’t want to eat breakfast until after 10 AM. The problem is, I am the only person in my household who is like this. Everyone else wants to eat as soon as they wake up and on the weekends they all want home cooked hot breakfast and not cold cereal. So in our first freezer meal project my husband and I whipped up some yummy breakfast burritos.

Breakfast Burritos – Freezer Meal


  • 2 lbs. bacon, diced
  • 2 lbs. breakfast sausage
  • 1 large onion, diced small
  • 1 cup diced bell pepper (I used frozen diced bell pepper)
  • 20 eggs
  • 36 fajita sized flour tortillas
  • 1 (8 oz.) bag shredded cheddar cheese


In a large skillet (I used my electric skillet) cook the bacon until browned. Drain grease from bacon and set aside on a plate with a few paper towels to absorb the grease.

Freezer Breakfast Burritos {via} - #FreezerMeal #Breakast #Frugal

In the same skillet brown and crumble the sausage until cooked through. Drain grease from sausage and set it aside on another plate with a few paper towels to absorb the excess grease.

Freezer Breakfast Burritos {via} - #FreezerMeal #Breakast #Frugal

Using the same skillet saute the onion and bell pepper till the onion is translucent and the peppers are soft yet a little crisp.

Freezer Breakfast Burritos {via} - #FreezerMeal #Breakast #Frugal

While the onion and bell pepper are cooking, crack and scramble the eggs. For large quantities of eggs like this, I like to scramble them in my blender.

Freezer Breakfast Burritos {via} - #FreezerMeal #Breakast #Frugal

Once the bell peppers and onion are cooked add the eggs and cook just as you would for scrambled eggs, stirring the egg mixture while cooking until they are cooked through, being careful not to over cook the eggs. Then add the cooked bacon and sausage to the eggs.

Freezer Breakfast Burritos {via} - #FreezerMeal #Breakast #Frugal

Turn off the heat to the pan and sprinkle egg mixture with cheese. Cover pan and let it sit for about 5 minutes to let the cheese melt.

Freezer Breakfast Burritos {via} - #FreezerMeal #Breakast #Frugal

In a frying pan (or Comal if you have one) warm your tortillas one at a time and proceed to make your breakfast burritos. Always warm your tortillas first to prevent them from cracking while folding your burritos. Use about 1/4 cup of filling for each burrito (I did not measure this).

Freezer Breakfast Burritos {via} - #FreezerMeal #Breakast #Frugal

Continue making burritos until you run out of either filling or tortillas (or if you do it right…both at the same time)

Freezer Breakfast Burritos {via} - #FreezerMeal #Breakast #Frugal

Once all of your burritos are made, wrap each one in plastic wrap and place into labeled freezer bags and seal, removing as much air as possible. Frozen burritos will store for 2-3 months in regular freezer bags. For longer freezer storage you can seal them with your Foodsaver and they will last 5-6 months easily.

To eat, unwrap a burrito and place on microwave safe plate. Cover loosely with the plastic wrap and microwave for 1 minute, flip over and cook one more minute. Serve with Tabasco or salsa if desired.

*Note – you can stretch this recipe even further by cooking up some shredded potatoes or frozen hash browns after cooking the bacon and sausage (set aside and add back in at the end). Potatoes are a inexpensive filler to make even more breakfast burritos. You can also add ham, tomatoes, change up the type of cheese you use (pepper jack?), add some spinach or other veggies.

I used coupons for most of the ingredients for this recipe except for the eggs, which we usually buy by the flat, and tortillas, which I didn’t have any coupons for. But I figured the cost for me to make this was about 75¢ – 80¢ per burrito. I buy sausage, bacon and cheese when I can get it cheap and freeze it so I pulled those out of the freezer to make this. I had the frozen bell peppers in my freezer because I bought a couple of bags when they were on markdown at Albertsons for 25¢  a bag. The onion was fresh and cheap. I paid like $2 per package of tortillas. Overall it was pretty inexpensive I think for a hot breakfast I can serve my kids any day of the week. And I can warm theirs up at the crack of dawn when they want to eat, then warm mine up after 10 AM when I want to eat!



  1. Awesome idea, ty4s. I can’t wait to see your other ideas. I am SAHM but often I find myself saying the same thing when I have stockpiles too. This is a great plan.

  2. This sounds great. I am going to do this too for my grandchildren that stay with me in the mornings before school. Thanks. Can’t wait for other ideas.

  3. I love to freezer cook! I make regular Mexican burritos with ground beef or turkey (onions and peppers cooked with the meat), spanish rice, refried beans, salsa – of course if you aren’t on a low-fat diet like we are you can add the sour cream and shredded cheese as well. I make a huge batch every 2 months and we love them!

  4. I buy a breakfast burrito almost every morning, and it gets expensive! You’ve inspired me to save some money! Thanks!

  5. Great idea! I have a big bag of southern style hashbrowns I’m going to throw in too. In your picture, is that really only one cup of cheese? No way…fess up! 😉 I’m thinking two cups for my cheesy kids.

  6. hi, these look delicious!! and thankfully we have all the ingredients in the uk so i will be making some! one quick question, the cooking time ( in the microwave) is that from frozen? x

  7. Just wondering what size bag — 2 cups? 4? I am one of those people who needs specifics because I don’t trust my instincts!! These look wonderful — and for my family of spicy-food lovers, I might add some pepper-jack cheese!

  8. These sound great!! I think I might try them for my hubby to heat up as he is running out of the house for work every morning. My son will love them too. However, I have a daughter that refuses to eat eggs. Maybe I can try a few with the hashbrowns and other ingredients but just leave out the eggs. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. For anyone wanting to know the Weight Watchers points- I just made a 1/2 batch of this & used 2 cups of cheese. Each one is 7 points. I used regular everything(not reduced fat etc) HTH!

    • If you have a roasting pan that will cover two of your burners use this instead!! I purchased a roasting pan quite a few years ago and someone suggested to use it as a big skillet. IT works AWESOME!! when we have larger family gatherings i am not cooking in 2-3 different skillets (the same thing) i just use my large roasting pan over two burners and make it all at once.

  10. do I need to wrap each burrito individually or can I wrap a few together? 2 at a time would work great since we both wake up for breakfast at the same time. I am just looking to save some time on the wrapping end????

  11. I just made these today. I didn’t have an electric skillet so I used my biggest pan. After I cooked the eggs with the peppers and onions I transferred the eggs to a giant mixing bowl and combined them with the bacon and sausage there. I also didn’t add the cheese like you said. I put the cheese inside the tortilla before wrapping. Turned out great and I am so happy to have breakfast done for a while 🙂

  12. Made these this morning…great idea and i added OreIda potatoes O’brien for the peppers and onions. And for my spicy husband…seasoned with a little cumin and cayenne pepper. They were a HIT! They will be freezer ready for him to take to work! Thank you!!

  13. Thanks for the idea. Can’t wait to try more recipes, I’m making the Rigatoni this afternoon. Made these this morning. Seemed like a lot of bacon so I didn’t use a full 2lbs and ended up getting 36-40 (lost count as we ate a few). I’m working out in the morning before work and need some protein to refuel, this will be much better than a bowl of cereal! Thank you!

  14. I am about to have baby #4 and this is great. I am going to have a c-section in May 2012 so this is going to help me out alot. Cant wait to start making freezer meals. Thank you again

  15. This is my go-to breakfast now!! I make up a huge batch (I do add a bag of the fresh hash browns) and put them away in the freezer so on busy mornings I know I have a yummy breakfast just a few seconds in the microwave away!! Thanks so much for posting!!

  16. I also found this on pinterest and made them a few weeks ago. I substituted turkey bacon and loaded it up with veggies to make it a little healthier, and they are GREAT, and so easy 🙂 Thanks for the recipe and idea!

  17. Soooo, happy you reminded me of this recipe!! This is a little bit different than what I used to make, but will love these!! My Dad will also, he won’t cook anymore and I’m running out of ideas. Thank You!!!

  18. I made a large batch of these, and they are great!! Next time, I’ll add the cheese to each burrito as I wrap them. I also make a roux of water and flour, and spread it on the top flap. I roll them tight, and then roll each one individually in deli wrap. This was they don’t stick togehter, and are sealed, and won’t try to unwrap while they are being heated. I bottled catsup that is made from red bell peppers. This tastes great on the burritos. Salsa is good, too.

  19. Has anyone tried warming them up in the oven? I am a SAHM, and we don’t actually own a microwave. I’m sure my husband has one at work that he could use for himself, but I’m wondering for myself and my children. Any thoughts?

  20. My favorite is a potato, bacon and onion burrito. Thanks for the reminder; seems I got out of the habit of making our burritos, but will make some today. I told my grown son about burritos for the freezer; he asked “why not some burritos for me now!”

  21. I found this recipe on Pinterest too so I am going to make this my Sunday project…I am using whole wheat torts, ground turkey sausage, onions, bell peppers and mushroom as my veg, and I will sprinkle a tiny bit of Mexican four blend cheese. Plus s&p and garlic. I have one question: how well do these reheat? Are they soggy? Watery? If anyone has had these results what did you do to fix? Thanks!!!

  22. Sorry if this is the dumbest question ever…but do you have to fry up the hashbrowns before you put them in the burritos? I never know if I am actually cooking frozen hashbrowns or just making them hot and crunchy, if so, it seems like I could just add them in frozen right? Thanks for the recipe, I too am not a morning person, and I’m sure my kids are sick of cereal on weekdays.

  23. What a great recipe. I work full time outside of the home and I am the one who likes a good breakfast. I make a more basic version of these for myself with eggs, cheese, and turkey bacon to keep the fat down. I think my kids and husband would like this with sausage and bacon and I would add tater tots, tomatoes, and jalapenos for my husband like a Sonic breakfast burrito. He will love this! For mine, I use larger whole wheat tortillas and cut them in half which makes the portion size better for me and my kids (none of us are big eaters). My kids like them as a snack after school before sports and dance. I have to admit that I have tossed them in the microwave as a quick late dinner after late games or dance more than once, but my kids love breakfast for dinner every now and then. For portability I wrap them in parchment or waxed paper and then warm them up in the microwave. It’s a little extra effort but so much better for you than the drive through and SO much more economical. The best part is that you control the ingredients, so you know what you are giving your family.

  24. I am so going to try this this weekend, if not today. I am always looking for good breakfast stuff for my husband, so I know he is eating good and not buying fast food. I was also looking for bulk. He likes the Jimmy Dean sandwiches but they are so expensive. I also saw somewhere that you can make breakfast croissants by rolling up cooked eggs and bacon in canned croissants and baking, then freezing. I have some time off before I go back to school, so time to stock up my freezer. (I plan on adding potatoes since I had to practice cutting a ton of them for my knife cuts test in culinary school. They are just sitting in water in my fridge waiting for a purpose.)

  25. As i came to make a comment of the changes i made I realized i forgot to add the cheese, how could i forget the CHEESE!!!! However, they are still really good so i’ll add cheese in the next bath.

    I started by halfing this recipe b/c i want to play around with ingredients/amounts before i makea big batch of them. And i also wanted to use what I had in the stockpile So I did the following:
    1 lb sausage
    12 oz turkey bacon (1 pkg)
    1lb diced hashbrowns (browned these in the bacon and sausage grease)
    1/2 C Red Bell peppers (had some diced up in the freezer from a previous sale)
    Salt (to season the hashbrowns)
    15 eggs (it just looked like it needed more egg after i added in the hashbrowns)
    The above ingredients made 22 buritos made from “medium-soft taco” tortillas from Aldi’s.

    figuring in the cost of everything it only cost me $6.19 or $0.28 each!! Even if I had addedin the cheese i still would have been under $0.30 each.

    Thanks for a great idea, and easy recipe that can easily be modified to fit our taste/budget/stockpile items. I hope you continue to post more freezer recipes as i’m always looking for more!

  26. I bought all the ingredients the other day. I am looking forward to this, as I am not much for cooking in the morning. Thanks for the recipe!!

  27. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this recipe. I use it ALL THE TIME. I’ve changed it some to be a little “healthier” with chicken sausage and way more veggies and whole wheat tortillas but still it is FANTASTIC. My sister and I both eat these in the mornings or even on some nights when we don’t feel like cooking dinner. Its a life saver! Thank you X a million 🙂

  28. Hi! I am going to make these today or tomorrow. I have a bag of frozen sausage patties from Walmart. I have never bought frozen patties before. Do you recommend heating those up and adding them to the mixture, or just let them cook in the microwave when they are ready to eat? It’s better safe than sorry, so I probably will heat them up prior to making the burritos, but I don’t want them to be overcooked either. Thanks!

  29. I made these for my son this morning since he loves his breakfast. He said they were soo much better than anything I have ever bought!! THANKS!!!!

  30. Thanks so much Heidi for the recipe and inspiration. I am going to make up a batch of breakfast burritos today. This will make mornings so much easier to have something hot and easy that I can serve the kids and hubby in the morning! I think I am going to use turkey sausage and bacon in mine. Thanks!

  31. just came back for the recipe to make my third batch of these. you’d think i’d have it down by now! thanks for sharing this awesome recipe!!

  32. This is inspiring. Wanted to share that there is a brand of tortillas that I pick up every few months and freeze. They are called X-treme Wellness. They are whole wheat and filled with Omega 3s and fiber. They are so soft and yummy too!! I find them at Kroger.

  33. This is awesome!! So doing this for my family and Looking at making these for a morning church function – if I made them the night before and wrapped them up and kept in fridge overnight, how might you suggest warming them in bulk in the morning? Thank you!

  34. I’ve done this with non- breakfast filling and frozen, when they are close to being “too long in the freezer” (cause my family eats in spurts, either loving them and they are gone or tired of them and they last longer) you can add them frozen in a casserole dish, pour enchilada sauce over them w/ some crumbled up mexican cheese (whatever kind you like) and bake @375 until heated through. Serve with spanish rice and a salad! 🙂 yum!

    *though these with egg would be a great protein source instead of adding a meat to it, this way it keeps it a meatless meal and lighter on the budget 😉


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