15 DIY Sharpie Mug Projects – Easy, Frugal & Fun!


DIY Sharpie Mug

Want ⭐️ Learn How To Make Sharpie Mugs? There are a lot of great craft projects out there there in “Creative Land” but none of them are quite as frugal as the ⭐️ DIY Sharpie Mug.

All you need for these projects is some plain mugs which are easily found at just about any dollar store for…well a dollar plus some Sharpie Markers.

The key (according to all these great tutorials) is to use Oil Based Sharpie Paint Pen Markers which can be found at stores like JoAnn’s, Michaels, or from Amazon instead of the regular water based ones.

The oil based paint pens are what make these mugs washable (yes…even dishwasher safe!) and last a long time.

The DIY Sharpie Mug process is quite simple really but here are a few tips to making your Sharpie Mugs:

  • Prep your mug by washing in warm soapy water and letting them dry.
  • Remove any residual oil from your hands and fingerprints with some rubbing alcohol.
  • Use a stencil, sticker or freehand it. Be creative and have fun!
  • Bake your mugs in a 350° oven for about 30 minutes.
  • Once the 30 minute baking time is up turn the oven off and let those mugs cool inside the oven…this allows them to cool slowly which cures the paint AND prevents your mugs from shattering from the change in temperature going from a hot oven to the cool air in your home.

These mugs make great gifts for your friends, relatives, co-workers, teachers, neighbors too. Really, anyone who appreciates a little handmade artwork!

I hope you enjoy this collection and be sure to leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite!

Learn How To Make Sharpie Mugs

Dot Monogram Sharpie Mug

Dot Monogram Sharpie Mug

With a few different colored Sharpie markers and some scrapbook stickers you can make this great mug that is personalized with any letter in the alphabet. Checkout Glued To My Crafts for the how-to!

State Sharpie Mug

State Sharpie Mug

These state mugs are just too cute for words! Originally created for BFF’s who live in other states they are a daily reminder that no matter how far apart you are from loved ones you are thinking of them and wish you were closer! Checkout The Cozy Old Farmhouse for the how-to!

Gold Sharpie Mugs

Gold Sharpie Mugs

If you love a bit of sparkle then these classy mugs are for you. Just use a gold Sharpie marker and you will be putting on the glitz while drinking your morning cup of Joe! Checkout Jyll Along The Way for the how-to!

His And Hers Coffee And Tea Mugs

His and Hers Coffee and Tea Mugs

How sweet are these mugs? One for him (who likes coffee strong) and one for her (that loves her green tea). They would make great gifts for any couple! Checkout A Beautiful Mess for the how-to!

Everyday I'm Hustlin' Mug

Everyday I’m Hustlin’ Sharpie Mug

If you or someone you love is always hustlin’ in the mornings here is the perfect mug for them…simple but gets the message across! Checkout White House Black Shutters for the how-to!

All Mama Wants Is A Silent Night Mug

All Mama Wants Is A Silent Night Sharpie Mug

I got to admit, this one is my favorite. I can so relate to the message on this mug as a mother of 5 children. Plus…GLITTER! Checkout Nest Of Posies for the how-to!

Sharpie Snowman Mugs

Sharpie Snowman Mugs

Every winter after our first big snow storm I toss a batch of hot chocolate in the slow cooker and the kids all get bundled up in their snow gear and we have a snow man making party. I am thinking I will make a set of these adorable snowman mugs, one for each kid, ahead of time and bring them out for our snowman party. Plus you know…kids love anything with their names on them! Checkout Sew Sweet Vintage for the how-to!

Chevron Pattern Mugs

Chevron Pattern Mug

I love the look of these black coffee mugs with the silver and gold chevron pattern. They have great contrast and pop and are just something a little bit different than the white mug. I guess you could use any colored mug here to match the colors in your kitchen. Checkout Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body for the how-to!

Monster Mugs

Monster Sharpie Mugs

The tutorial on these adorable mugs uses porcelain markers instead of Sharpies, but I am pretty sure you could accomplish the same results with Sharpies. I love that there is also a design provided to use as a transfer if you are not good at freehand art! Checkout Tuts + for the how-to!

Shhh...There's Wine In Here

Shhh…There’s Wine In Here Mug

I won’t tell if you won’t tell…go ahead and drink your wine from this funny mug! Checkout A World Of Boundless Curiosity for the how-to!

Like A Boss Mustache Mug

Like A Boss Mustache Sharpie Mug

Does your husband drink coffee Like A BOSS? How about this fun mustache mug? Checkout The Days Of Dawn for the how-to!

Star Wars Mug

Star Wars Sharpie Mug

May the force be with you with this mug that any Star Wars geek with LOVE! Checkout Reddit for the how-to!

Christmas Mugs

Sharpie Christmas Mugs

These super cute holiday mugs are easy to make with the use of stickers as a stencil. Using gold markers give them that Christmas sparkle! You could even fill each mug with some homemade hot cocoa mix, a chocolate dipped spoon and some hot chocolate toppings as a sweet little gift! Checkout Just A Girl Blog for the how-to!

Bee Happy Mug

Bee Happy Mug

Since I kind of have a thing for all things BEE this sweet little mug really caught my eye. What a kind and gentle reminder in the morning when you are sipping that first cup of coffee or tea to have a happy day! Checkout Mommiedom for the how-to!

Gold Scalloped Mug

Gold Scalloped Sharpie Mug

Can you tell I have a thing for the mugs that sparkle? I just love this scalloped design on this mug done up in gold marker. Plus filled with some Ferrero Rocher chocolates and wrapped in celophane it just makes a sweet gift to give to teachers, neighbors, friends, etc. Checkout Classy Clutter for the how-to!

Which one of these DIY mugs is your favorite? Have you ever made a Sharpie mug?