Coconut Oil Benefits and 20+ DIY Recipes!

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Coconut Oil Benefits and Recipes

If coconut oil isn’t a product you would normally pick up at the grocery store, you should definitely add it to your shopping list! Whether you’ve already heard about all of the uses for coconut oil or this is all new to you, you can be sure to learn something new and useful about this product here. So, what is coconut oil good for? The answer to that question is probably longer than you’d expect. There are more coconut oil uses than those for other oils; this is not a product exclusively for cooking. The benefits of coconut oil are abundant and various. Luckily for you, we have an extensive list of uses for coconut oil right here so you won’t miss out on all of the health benefits of coconut oil.

When you think about oil, cooking is probably the first thing that comes to mind. You’d be surprised to hear that one of the coconut oil benefits is that it is great for your skin. By this, we mean that you can use coconut oil and turn it into scrubs, lotions, and lip balms that are soothing for your skin. Using coconut oil for skin is beneficial because coconut oil is a strong moisturizer. A coconut oil moisturizer can help relieve dry skin and sooth other skin conditions such as eczema and even sunburn. Some of the most noticeable benefits of coconut oil on skin occur because it contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E not only moisturizes your skin, but it also helps delay and correct the appearance of wrinkles. This is why making something like a coconut oil face mask will help keep your face looking young and beautiful.

The list of coconut oil health benefits does not stop at your skin. By incorporating coconut oil into your daily haircare routine, you can see tremendous effects on your hair as well. When you use coconut oil for hair, you will notice the texture of your hair improving, and over time, you will see some major results like the reduction of split ends. If you have problems like dandruff, coconut oil will sooth and moisturize your scalp to prevent the flaking of dry skin. For those of you whose hair seems to grow out very slowly, you can use a coconut oil hair mask to stimulate hair growth. Overall, using coconut oil for your hair will leave you with shinier, healthier hair.

Want to learn how to make these beneficial products from of coconut oil? Scroll through this page and click on the links of whichever projects catch your eye. Learn how to make your own DIY coconut oil products, like a coconut oil sugar scrub, body wash, hair spray, or soap. You can even learn how to make a few fun products with your kids like DIY play dough. There are even a couple DIY projects with coconut oil that you would have never thought existed, such as DIY toothpaste and mascara. Look below for 20+ easy, all-natural products that you can make that allow you to get all of the benefits of coconut oil!

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