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Save money with Catalina Coupons!

Have you ever wondered…what is a Catalina Coupon? This guide will walk you through what Catalina coupons are and how to use them to maximize your savings with them.

Catalina Coupon Basics

The term Catalina Coupons refers to any coupons printed at the cash register when you complete a purchase at a store. They are often also referred to simply as “Catalinas”, “check-out coupons” or “register rewards”. They are printed by a Catalina machine, that sits right next to the cash register.

The name is derived from name of the company that pioneered this couponing method: Catalina Marketing Corporation. Although not all check-out printed coupons are from Catalina themselves, the name has become a colloquial term for the entire segment. There are over 50,000 stores in the Catalina coupon network that print these coupons, including most major chains such as Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, Walgreens, etc.

Types of Catalina Coupons

There are two types of Catalina coupons. The first and most common type are cents-off coupons that are good on a specific product. For example $1.00 off any box of General Mills cereal.

The other type of Catalina coupon is what we call an OYNO (on your next order) coupon and these are coupons that are for cents-off anything in your next purchase. For example $1.00 off your next purchase. There is usually some fine print exclusions on these that typically exclude you from using OYNO Catalina coupons on alcohol, tobacco, gift cards and stamps, and in some states, dairy or fluid milk.

Both types can either print based your recent store purchases or because the brand is having a special promotion.

How to Save by Using Catalina Coupons

Catalina coupons are printed at the time of a purchase and are good for use during your next purchase at that same retailer. Some stores may choose to accept competitor’s Catalina coupons, and this is based on each stores’ coupon policy.

In most cases Catalinas cannot be combined with other manufacturer’s coupons, unless they are specifically categorized as store coupons.

In the case of regular cents-off Catalina coupons good on a specific product you would use this coupon much like you would any other manufactures coupon, waiting for a good sale to combine your coupon with to maximize the savings. Be sure to watch what prints out at the register because often these coupons are higher value coupons, and sometimes even free item coupons!

Getting the most out of OYNO Catalina coupons is a trick that experienced couponers learn. These coupons are always targeted based on what you buy, and vary in value based on the quantity you purchase. For example there may be a Catalina promotion where buying (2) Kraft Cheese nets you a $1.00 off OYNO Catalina coupon, buying (3) nets you $1.50, and buying (4) results in $2.50.

Your strategy should be to use any manufactures coupons that you have for Kraft cheese to buy your desired quantity (usually buying the larger quantity in the promotion will yield you the highest savings), and then you would get your ONYO Catalina coupon and “Roll” it onto another set of items (Rolling is allowed at most grocery stores, however usually not at Walgreens).

Catalina Coupon Strategies and Tips

Although you can get great value out of Catalina coupons by simply using the ones you receive on your next trip, there are better ways to make sure you get the most out of these unique coupons. Below are some additional Catalina couponing tips:

    • Our Coupon Database is a great resource for determining which Catalina coupons are available. Simply visit our Coupon Database and change ‘Source’ to ‘Catalina’ and the most recent Catalina coupons will be shown. You will be able to see what product they are for, the savings they offer, and what store(s) they are good for. We add new Catalina coupons to the database daily, so be sure to make it part of your regular couponing schedule.
    • Make separate purchases. If you buy two or more of the same product that is linked to printing a Catalina, only one coupon will actually print. If you want to receive multiple Catalina coupons for future use, you will need to make your initial purchases at separate trips to the register. You may also be able to ask the cashier to simply ring them up individually, although YMMV depending on store policy and the particular cashier. If you are able to do this, bunch your purchases into groups of unique items to save time and still maximize your Catalina coupon prints.
    • Catalina coupons are counted towards your coupon count. Most stores have policies that if you cannot have more than one coupon per item, and if you try this the register will beep to alert the cashier. If you are using a OYNO Catalina that simply provides cash off your purchase, and you have a regular coupon for every other item you are purchasing, you can avoid this issue by purchasing a cheap product such as a pack of gum or candy bar.
  • Sometimes using Catalina coupons mixed with other coupons will actually create an “overage”. This is where you would actually make money from the overall purchase. Since stores will not actually pay you cash back, using the overage on these Catalina deals is the way many extreme couponers help offset the cost of items that typically do not have coupons such as meat, milk and produce.

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