Where To Find Coupons

Where To Find Coupons keyNow that you understand the concept of having multiple coupons and stockpiling you are probably wondering where to find coupons? You may already be aware of some of the more common sources of coupons such as the Sunday paper and even coupons that you print yourself but once you start couponing you may be surprised to learn that coupons are everywhere. There are coupons that print out when you check out at the store, coupons that you download to your store savings card, attached to products, at the doctor’s office, some that come in the mail and more!

Below is a sampling of the most common types of coupons and where they can be found.

Blinkie Coupons – Coupons found in an automatic dispenser attached to the shelf, usually near the product that the coupon is for. These coupons are called Blinkies because the machine that they are dispensed from usually has a red blinking light on it.

Booklet Coupons – Coupons that come in a booklet or pamphlet often times found on a display in the store. You can also find booklet coupons in unusual places like your doctor or dentist’s office. Coupon booklets often contain recipes or product ideas or uses along with one or more coupons.

Catalina’s – These are coupons that print from a machine after you check out. These coupons can be for cents off a specific product (for example 50¢ off Lipton tea bags) or for money off your next order (for example $3.00 off your next order). At most grocery stores these coupons are referred to as Catalina’s or Your Bucks (they are offered by a company called Catalina Marketing) but at Walgreens they are called Register Rewards. For detailed information please see: Catalina Coupons.

eCoupons – Coupons that you do not print or clip, These are coupons that you download to your store savings card. No need to print or clip, when you purchase the required product(s), the discount is taken off at the check-out. Most eCoupons cannot be combined with manufacturer’s coupons, but some stores do allow it (Check your local store’s coupon policy to make sure). You can find a list of eCoupons on HotCouponWorld’s eCoupons page!

Hangtag Coupons – These are coupons found hanging around the neck of a bottle or jar. Look for these types of coupons on jars of pickles, bottles of BBQ sauce, jugs of juice and more.

Home Mailer Coupons – These coupons are coupons you receive in the mail. You can get these coupons either by signing up for a freebie, writing to companies to complain or compliment their products, or by signing up to be on their mailing list. Some stores also offer home mailer coupons to you when you sign up for their store savings card.

Insert Coupons – The main source of coupons for most couponers are the coupons that come in the Sunday newspaper. These coupons are called Insert Coupons because they are inserted into the Sunday paper on glossy magazine type paper. Insert coupons vary regionally, meaning that the coupons that come out in the Sunday paper in California are not always the same coupons that come out in Florida.

Inside Package Coupons – These are coupons that you find inside a package. You will need to purchase the product first before you can get the coupon so the coupon is an incentive to purchase that product or product in the same line again. Sometimes these coupons are found in little sealed pouches (like inside a can of coffee) or printed directly on the cardboard box (like inside a box of cereal).

Magazine Coupons – Many magazines also have coupons inside them. Magazines geared towards women are the most common sources for coupons, Better Homes & GardensGood Housekeeping, and Woman’s Day are all popular magazines that often contain several coupons!

Peelie Coupons – These are coupons found stuck on a package in the store that you can peel off and use to save. These coupons look like stickers stuck on packages such as boxes of cereal, frozen food items, cases of canned soda and more. These coupons are designed to be peeled off easily (sometimes they are not so easy to peel off).

Printable Coupons – Coupon that you print from your computer from various online sources are called Printable Coupons or IP’s (Internet Printables). Printable coupons are an easy source of coupons for most people because they are instantaneous and you do not have to wait for them or find them in the store. The downside of printable coupons is that you can normally only print two of each coupon from one computer, thus the ability to stockpile using printable coupons is greatly limited. You find hundreds of printable coupons on our Printable Coupons page right here at HotCouponWorld!

Receipt Coupons – Coupons that print either at the end of your receipt or on the back of your receipt when you check-out at the grocery store. Many times the coupons that print at the bottom of your receipt are for money off your next purchase, for example: $5.00 off a purchase of $25.00 or more or the coupon may be for a specific product. The coupons that print on the back of your receipt are often for savings at local merchants and restaurants.

Single Page Flyer Coupons – Coupons found in a single page sheet found usually in the store as part of a display or located in a rack near the store’s weekly sale ad. These coupons can be either manufacturer’s coupons or store coupons.

Store Ad Flyer Coupons – These are coupons found in the weekly or monthly store sales ad. The coupons found in the store sales flyer can be either store coupons (good only at that store) or manufacturer’s coupons. Many times, unless there is specific wording that indicates that the coupon is only valid at that particular store, you can use the manufacturer’s coupons found in a store sale ad flyer at other stores where there is a better deal.

Tearpad Coupons – Tearpad coupons look like a pad of paper containing multiple coupons that you can tear off, hence the name. These are usually found in stores and places like gas stations, usually located hanging on a shelf or display near the product they represent.

Winetag Coupons – These coupons are only found in certain states, but are coupons issued by wine, beer and other alcoholic beverage companies. They can be found as hangtags around the neck of a bottle of wine, peelies stuck to cases of beer or even tearpads attached to the shelf near the product. There are several types of winetags to be found, but the most coveted ones are coupons for thing like $1.00 off any chicken or off any beef or produce that do not require a wine/alcohol purchase to use the coupon.

As you can see, there are many places to find coupons and various types of coupons out there. This is not an exclusive list, keep your eyes peeled where ever you are and you never know you may spot an awesome coupon.

Now that you understand where to find all of these great coupons you are going to need to have a way to organize your coupons. Learn more about that in Key #4: Organizing Your Coupons