Extreme Couponing – TLC’s New Reality Show

Welcome Extreme Couponing viewers!

If you have found us here at HotCouponWorld because you are interested in learning how to become an extreme couponer you have come to the right place because we are dedicated to teaching others how to save money using coupons and other frugal living strategies.

One thing you need to know right from the get-go however is that we the owners of HotCouponWorld are not big fans of the show Extreme Couponing. In fact we were asked to be on the show back in June of 2010 before they even starting filming for season one. When we were asked to be on the show we learned really quickly that the show was designed not as a teaching tool to help people learn how to coupon but as a “Reality” show that’s aim was to exploit and sensationalize the ways we use our coupons to save real money.

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Our feelings are that we know that there are people out there with real struggles. People who cannot afford to pay their bills or buy the food and groceries they need to feed their families. Sensationalizing upon these realities is not the way to help teach other’s how to save money. Our goal is to provide a real ways to save money using coupons. So if you have just found us because you watched an episode of that TV show, we want you to erase what you just saw from your memory because most of it is not real and we want to teach you how to REALLY do this thing we call couponing!

Are you ready to start your savings adventure? Great! Your first stop should be to head on over to our How to Coupon page which contains some links to some articles and threads in our forums on things we think you should read to learn how to save money using coupons.

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Back In July as we celebrated our 5th year anniversary we had a fun contest called NOT Extreme Couponing Video Contest if you would like to watch the videos just click the link…each video had to have a “teachable moment” in it so you may learn something!

Lastly because HotCouponWorld is more than just another deal blog we are a large and sometimes opinionated community….you may want to check out what our members have to say about Extreme Couponing in our Forums.

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At HotCouponWorld we strive to teach our readers and members how to use coupons effectively and wisely but within reason, and always the ethically. Unlike some of the extreme couponers featured on the show we don’t stockpile just to show it off – we stockpile to help feed our families.

While the TLC show is entertaining to watch, we at HotCouponWorld understand that is just a TV show and the producers are looking for the most unusual coupon shoppers to feature, and extensively edit to sometimes portray these folks in an unkind light.