Think Outside The Box This Mother’s Day (for Gift Ideas) 2022

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th this year.

Flowers, cards, and dinner – they’re all very nice, but let’s put our thinking caps on and come up with something a little more special for Mom.

After all hasn’t she done a lot for you all year and every year? Doesn’t she go out of her way to make your birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever you celebrate special?

And hubbies, yes you do have to get your wife a Mother’s Day gift or at least help your kids get one for her if they are still in your house!

Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas Mom will love and she’ll think you thought really hard about the gift. No need to tell her it came from Hotcouponworld!

Is your mom a fashionista?

Or maybe you’ve heard her say time and time again that she just can’t figure out what looks good on her.

Set her an appointment with a personal shopper and give her a gift card to be able to buy a new outfit. Several department stores offer personal shoppers by appointment for free. If you call and book the appointment for Mom, you can explain it is a Mother’s Day surprise and see if they can work with you to present her with the gift card when she arrives.

Make her an appointment to have her make-up done at one of the cosmetics counters of a local department store or spa. The lesson will be free in most cases at the department store with a cosmetics purchase. Give her a gift card to buy something pretty.

Is your mom a stay at home mom?

Well we all know that is a misnomer. But for the mom whose J.O.B. is Y.O.U., then give her a paid vacation. It doesn’t have to be a trip to Rome or the Bahamas –give her a weekend away with her sister, her best friend, alone.

If that’s not in your budget, give her a day off (with pay of course) and send her off with no worries. Dad can cook dinner for one night! It’s ok, pick up take out from her favorite restaurant (check for deals first!) if all else fails. But most, most importantly do not leave a mess for her or call her a hundred times with an S.O.S. From my own experience, there’s nothing worse than a weekend away only to come home to a kid crisis. Yikes!

Is Mom’s cooking worth raving about?

Get those tried and true recipes out of the 19th century and off the index cards! A personalized recipe photo book from Shutterfly includes photos and comes bound for you and starts at around $15.

Or make one yourself in Microsoft word, print it out and have it bound at your local office supply store or printer. Insert photos from the family to make it really unique.

Or buy her nifty recipe holders or cookbook/iPad/tablet protector. Keeps grandma’s chicken pot pie recipe clean while mom is cooking and lets her keep her hands on the ingredients.

Is your mama a llama (lover)?

My sister goes to the petting zoo/farm every year on Mother’s Day with her kids and hubby. It is her thing. She loves animals and loves spending time outdoors with her family. If your mom loves animals, take her to the zoo or a wildlife sanctuary or check into volunteering at an animal shelter for a few hours with her. Ask if you can work with the animals if you are under 18 though, many shelters have restrictions.

Another idea, make a donation in her name to an animal shelter, and give her a card letting her know you did.

Does Mom know more about sports than Dad?

Get her tickets to a sporting event and ask her to share her knowledge and love of the game with you.

Take her to the local park or sports complex and ask her to teach you a few tricks. Pack a lunch and make it an all afternoon event.

Make her a photo collage or video of all the pictures and clips of her in her high school or college sports glory. Add in clips of you from that time she made you play soccer even though you really didn’t want to.

Get her one of her favorite player’s jerseys.

If your mom has a lot to say

Give her a nice journal and nice pen and the time to write in it each day. You can write a dedication in the first page to remind her of you every time she writes.

Consider buying one of these books where mom can write down her memories either of your childhood or of her own life.  What I Love About You Mom or Mothers Legacy. Not only a thoughtful gift for her, it will become a keepsake for you and your children.

If your mom loves the outdoors

Take her on a nature hike and enjoy a picnic lunch together.

Get the kids together and plant a new garden in her honor. Pick her favorite flowers, herbs or vegetables and do all the work when she’s not looking. If you don’t have the space or live in an apartment, plant an indoor herb garden or window box.

Have a star named after her.  Then have fun trying to find it on a starry night!

Make personalized stepping stones for your yard/garden. You can purchase kits to make stepping stones from Amazon. Get the kids all in on the action and have a blast.

If your mom has passed

I don’t think you have to stop honoring Mom just because she is no longer on this Earth. Get together with your siblings and share memories of mom over tea or lunch. Plant a tree in her honor. Give the gift of volunteering with someone who doesn’t have a mom in their life or a senior who is alone on Mother’s Day. There are so many great ways you can honor your mother and keep her memory alive.

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