Christmas Gift

200 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

200 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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I think for me one of the best parts of Christmas is not the mad frenzy of unwrapping gifts but in our household it is slower paced unpacking of the stocking that were hung by the chimney with care. My children delight in finding the little toys, trinkets and candy that were picked out just for them and fish each item out one by one, exclaiming with delight at their find. Stocking stuffers do not need to be expensive either, many items can be found at the dollar store or dollar spot at stores such as Target. Gifts can be homemade, and some things, like candy can be found at great prices this time of year with coupons and sales.

  1. First, an orange…in the toe of the stocking!
  2. A favorite magazine
  3. A nice pen
  4. Action figures
  5. Address book
  6. Art supplies such as crayons, markers, water colors, etc.
  7. Baby bottle
  8. Baby leggings
  9. Baseball
  10. Baseball or other trading cards
  11. Bath beads
  12. Bath salts
  13. Batteries for all those new toys
  14. Belt
  15. Belt buckle
  16. Bendy or crazy straws
  17. Bento box
  18. Bobble head
  19. Bookmark
  20. Bottle opener
  21. Bouncy balls
  22. Bubbles
  23. Business card holder
  24. Calculator
  25. Camera charger
  26. Candles
  27. Candy
  28. Car air fresheners
  29. CD
  30. Cell phone case
  31. Cell phone charger
  32. Character Band-Aids
  33. Chopsticks
  34. Christmas ornament
  35. Clip on book reading lamp
  36. Clutch handbag
  37. Coasters
  38. >Coffee mugs
  39. Coin purse
  40. Cologne
  41. Coloring Books
  42. Compass
  43. Computer mouse
  44. Cookie cutters
  45. Cork screw
  46. Cosmetic bag
  47. Cufflinks
  48. Cute magnets for the fridge
  49. Cute push pins, paper clips or other decorative office supplies
  50. Cute shoelaces
  51. Cute socks
  52. Decorative bottle opener
  53. Decorative wine stopper
  54. Dishtowels
  55. Doll accessories
  56. Drumsticks/guitar picks for the musician
  57. DVD
  58. Ear warmers
  59. Ear buds/headphones
  60. Easy bake oven mixes
  61. Electronic travel games
  62. Emergency sewing kit
  63. Exercise bands
  64. Fancy chocolates
  65. Field guide
  66. Finger puppets
  67. Fishing lures
  68. Flash memory card
  69. Flashlight
  70. Flask (engraved perhaps?)
  71. Flavored coffees
  72. Flavored hot cocoa mix
  73. Gardening gloves
  74. Gift Cards
  75. Glasses case
  76. Golf balls or tees
  77. Golf club links
  78. Gourmet spice mixes
  79. Gum
  80. Hair accessories
  81. Hair brush/comb
  82. Hand sanitizer
  83. Hand warmers
  84. Handkerchiefs
  85. Handwritten love letter
  86. Handwritten note from Santa Claus
  87. Harmonica
  88. Homemade cookies
  89. Homemade coupons for things like back rub, car wash, no chores for the day, etc.
  90. Huge peppermint stick
  91. Ice scraper
  92. Incense
  93. Jewelry
  94. Jump rope
  95. Key chain
  96. Knitting supplies
  97. Lighted book magnifyer
  98. Lint brush
  99. Lipstick or lip balm
  100. Loofa
  101. Lottery tickets
  102. Luggage tags
  103. Mad Libs
  104. Magnifying glass
  105. Make up
  106. Make-up brushes
  107. Marbles
  108. Measuring spoons or cups for the person who likes to cook
  109. Measuring tape
  110. Mini bottles of liquor
  111. Mini jigsaw puzzle
  112. Mini journal
  113. Mini tripod
  114. Mints
  115. Mittens or gloves
  116. Model car or airplane kit
  117. Modeling clay
  118. Money clip
  119. Mouse pad
  120. Movie tickets
  121. Multi-tool
  122. Nail grooming set
  123. Nail polish
  124. Napkin rings
  125. Night light
  126. Pacifier
  127. Pacifier clip
  128. Packets of seeds for those who like to garden
  129. Paperback book
  130. Paperweight
  131. Passport holder
  132. Patterned duct tape
  133. Pedometer
  134. Perfume
  135. Personalized return address labels
  136. Pet treats
  137. Pie bird
  138. Play Dough
  139. Playing cards
  140. Pocket kite
  141. Pocket packs of tissues
  142. Popcorn seasonings
  143. Post it notes
  144. Purse hanger
  145. Purse mirror
  146. Recipe cards
  147. Rolled up t-shirt
  148. Rubix cube
  149. Scarf
  150. Scented candles
  151. Scrapbooking supplies
  152. Season pass to a theme park, zoo, aquarium, or other attraction
  153. Shawl
  154. Shot glasses
  155. Sidewalk chalk
  156. Sippy cup
  157. Slinky
  158. Slippers
  159. Small collapsible umbrella
  160. Small crossword or Sudoku puzzle book
  161. Small digital picture frame
  162. Small Lego sets
  163. Small photo frame
  164. Small sketchbook
  165. Small toys like Silly Putty, Match-box cars, My Little Pony, etc.
  166. Snow globe
  167. Specialty olive oil or vinegar
  168. Specialty tea bags
  169. Stainless steel water bottle
  170. Stamp pad & stamps
  171. Stamps
  172. Stationary
  173. Stickers
  174. Stuffed toy
  175. Sunglasses
  176. Swiss Army Knife
  177. Tea infuser
  178. Temporary tattoos
  179. Tennis balls
  180. Thank you cards
  181. Thermal lunch bag
  182. Tickets to a concert, play or sporting event (thanks reader Theresa for the idea to include sporting event tickets!)
  183. Tie
  184. Tire gauge
  185. Tools
  186. Toothbrush
  187. Travel alarm click
  188. Travel mug
  189. Travel size items like body wash, hair spray, body spray
  190. Universal remote
  191. USB flash drive
  192. Wallet
  193. Watch
  194. Water colors
  195. Whiskey stones
  196. Wii controllers
  197. Wine glass charms
  198. Wooden spoons
  199. Wrist weights
  200. Yo-yo

What do you put in the stockings? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Holiday Gift Idea

Candycane Playdough

So last week I posted a homemade gift idea for Gingerbread Sugar Scrub and some of the comment over on our Facebook page were folks looking for homemade gift ideas for kids, so I am going to do my darnedest to find some great ideas for homemade gift ideas for folks of all ages…

I was totally going to make this gift idea over the weekend but dispite me driving all over town not a single store where I live seems to carry peppermint oil. So I have ordered some from Amazon and I am totally going to make this for some of the kids on my list for Christmas. I think a jar of this would make for a nice stocking stuffer and give the kids an activity for them to do when they are on holiday break this year.

This gift idea comes from ArtfulParent and you can get the full tutorial and step-by-step instructions on how to make this great homemade gift!

This is very similar to my own recipe for The Best Homemade Play Dough Recipe <<check it out!


Holiday Gift Idea

Cookbook Wrapped In Dishtowel

I am an avid cookbook collector and actually am one of those weird people that read cookbooks like they are novels. Do I always cook the recipes out of them, no, but I love looking at the pictures, reading the stories around the recipes and getting inspired for creating my own dishes.

So when I saw this gift idea over on The Housewife Rookie I just had to share because I know I am not the only one out there who loves receiving cookbooks as gifts. In fact I have a few family members just like me who love cookbooks too and this is on my holiday to-do list for sure!

The Housewife Rookie has this listed as an Inexpensive wedding shower gift but I think it would make for a great holiday gift, birthday gift etc too! Too cute!


Looking for some cookbook ideas? My mother-in-law and I both love any of the series of books from Williams Sonoma,