Spalding Exclusive 50″ Acrylic NCAA Portable Basketball System (In Stock)!

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Spalding Exclusive 50″ Acrylic NCAA Portable Basketball System

Encourage outdoor exercise in the Summer evenings with a ✅Basketball Goal (like this one on sale on Amazon) in your driveway!

Hurry and get the ✅Spalding Exclusive 50″ Acrylic NCAA Portable Basketball System today from Amazon!

We have a similar one in our driveway. The adjustable height feature is so easy to use – even for the kids!

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  • 50″ x 32″ x 3.5mm Acrylic Backboard with 1″ x 1″ steel frame and 16″ Offset designed for durability in competitive level of play
  • Exacta-lift System provides easy height adjustments from 7.5-ft to 10-ft in 6-in increments
  • 3.5 inch thick vertical steel pole Comes in 3 pieces for easier installation
  • Base features 37-gallon ballast (water) and 2 wheels for portability
  • Stylish base (check inside of the base for additional parts)

From the manufacturer:
The Spalding 50 in. Acrylic portable angled pole Hercules base Basketball system is perfect for beginners and advanced players. Made with an acrylic backboard, this Basketball system makes you step up your game with its exacta lift system. This system allows the hoop to move 7.5 to 10 feet in six-inch increments. The 3.5-Inch-thick angled steel pole comes in three pieces for easier installation and is set at 20 degrees. A touch of green highlights the black of the backboard and base. Included with wheels for ease of portability. Founded by Boston Red stockings pitcher a.G. Spalding and his brother, j. Walter Spalding, in 1876, the company (or its successors) been developing innovative products ever since. From creating the first American football, to producing the first Basketball for Dr. James Naismith, to the latest advances in Infusion technology (balls with built-in pumps), Spalding has been on the cutting edge of the sporting goods industry for well over a century. True to the founders’ vision, the company has delivered quality goods that reflect a commitment to workmanship in every finished product, every step of the way. Today, these products are manufactured by Russell Brands, LLC, owner of the Spalding trademark. Backboard dimensions: 50W x 32H in., made of acrylic. 3-Piece, 3.5-Inch angled steel pole. Exacta lift system. Moves hoop from 7.5 to 10 feet. Pro-slam rim features breakaway action. 37-Gallon capacity base for water or sand. Includes wheels for ease of portability.

Spalding Exclusive 50

Buy the Spalding Exclusive 50″ Acrylic NCAA Portable Basketball System from Amazon.
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