Smart Couponing Tip: Shop at multiple stores

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Forget Store LoyaltySmart Couponing Tip: Shop at multiple stores

Forget store loyalty if you want to become an extreme couponer. Instead, shop where the deals are. If Wal-Mart has dish soap on sale and Kroger has tuna on sale and Walgreens has deodorant on sale this week then plan one shopping trip (or more) where you can hit those three sales and buy just the items that are free or cheap after coupons.

This practice is called “cherry picking” and it just means shopping the loss leaders (items the stores put on the deepest discounts to lure you into the store) and items that are free or super cheap after coupon. What about the other items you need that are not going to be free or cheap after coupons like milk, eggs, produce and meat? Shop at whatever store has these items the cheapest that week.


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