Smart Couponing Tip: Rain Checks are a Couponers Best Friend!

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Target Rain Check RequestSmart Couponing Tip: Rain Checks are a Couponers Best Friend!

Smart couponers know that when they go grocery shopping that there is a good chance that something on their shopping list is going to be out of stock. So what’s a couponer to do? Ask for a rain check. A rain check is a slip of paper that store personnel fills out letting you get the item on sale later, when the sale is over, at the current sale price.

Why is this good thing? Because you now have time to get more coupons if you need them and you can stockpile more items at the sale price. Some rain checks have an expiration date of 30—90 days, while at some stores their rain checks never expire, letting you save that slip of paper and that sale price for later. I have used rainchecks 2 years after getting them at stores that do not have expiring rain checks. By law, if a store is out of stock on an advertised item and then advertisement does not state something along the lines of “Limited to stock on hand” or “No Rain Checks” the store has to either issue you a raincheck OR offer to substitute a similar item at the advertised price.


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