Smart Couponing Tip: Pre-Order Items at the Grocery Store

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Grocery Store ManagerSmart Couponing Tip: Pre-Order Items at the Grocery Store

You may not know this, but a lot of the extreme couponers on the TLC show “Extreme Couponing” pre-ordered large quantities of grocery items beforehand. I should say that not all stores will do this for you but it pays to ask your local manager if you have a lot of coupons and you want to buy in bulk without clearing the shelves.

Let the manager know what you want to order and how much and see if they can accommodate you. The worse thing the manager is going to say is “no”, but if they say yes then big savings are in your future.


  1. I wanted to know how the extreme couponers use so many coupons. Is it just that they are in a state that allows it? How can you pre order if they only take 3 coupons an order? ARe these just states they do not have this restriction? its driving me crazy!! thanks, karen

    • Hi Karen, there are no state laws about coupon limits but some stores do impose a limit on how many coupons you can use in one transaction. Us couponers have find ways to get our deals within those limits. Some people break up their shopping trips into multiple transaction. I dont have any such limits on how many coupons I can use in one order, but then again I don’t have double coupons either. And I still save 60-75% on my grocery shopping.

  2. I’m with Karen. Our stores here in my area don’t let you use your discount card and a paper coupon. It’s one or the other. I can’t imagine even with my coupons ever getting out of the store without spending $75-$125 a week. Our Wal-mart is the cheapest on prices but they only do face value coupons but will match most advertised prices. Any Advice?

    • Hi Kim what stores do you have in your area? I have heard of stored not allowing eCoupons with paper coupons (because most of the eCoupons are manufactures coupons) but I have never heard of a store not allowing you to just use the store discount card and paper coupons. Maybe I am
      Misunderstanding what you are saying?

  3. You split the orders up…..say you have 26 of the same items…….and say it is 26 nissan noodles……26 purex laundry detergents…..26 powerades…ETC…..well then you can tell the cashier I have 26 coupons for these items… can tell her that she can ask the manager to override the system and do it….NOT ADVISING TO ASK TO BREAK STORE POLICY I am just saying……OR you can do it like this….26 SEPERATE ORDERS…..the policy states 3 coupons PER ORDER….not per household…and the extreme couponing episode with Treasure and the random customer service person (not in uniform carrying her own purse…not very professional but whatever) YOU CAN”T LIMIT PER HOUSEHOLD that is BS….you just make seperate trips in the door from your family….and you do each item seperately trust me I have worked at a register….you do that enough and they WILL complain to corporate and things WILL be changed…..Corporate cannot afford to have a cashier working with ONE person for 2 hours seperating orders….so which would a store rather have….ONE person and 26 orders that work out to FREE and WAIT for the manufacturer to compensate them for the massive coupons….and have 26 people waiting for cashiers (and they have to add more payroll then if you live in a place with a LOT of couponers) …..OR allow the haul of coupons on ONE bill and move the customer through the order OUT the door and on to full price paying customers……

    I wanted to also add…..they BUY their coupons or they have 30 newspaper subscriptions…..Myself personally…this is my schedule

    Saturday :
    Get up at 4:30 a.m. and grab all the newspapers out of the newspaper boxes because they do not change the prices of the early edition of the Sunday paper….so I get the early edition of the Sunday paper at Saturday prices….1.00 per paper I usually get about 40 (trust me it is worth it….I donate which is a tax write off and I also sell the ones I don’t use)
    Coordinate with the lady I buy my inserts with ….order thirty inserts

    Go to the gas stations usually some kind souls take out the coupons from the papers they buy and I go and grab them up from the cashiers

    Go into the city (they get Red Plum in the mail….and all the apartment communities in the city have a mail recycling can and they always toss those red plum…I grab them all….

    My husband and I go to the Christian Schools and Elementary Schools and look for the Green recycling bins and we FIRST take all the newspapers that we got on Saturday and we drop them in there…. (because they use those bins for fundraising….I am not going to take away so I make sure I give back and equal amount (I barter with a green box LMAO)
    he climbs in and goes through the bags of newspapers and gets me all the smart source P&G and red plums.

    We check out the matchup sites…..and we do our own matchups

    We spread out ALL of our many many many inserts into sheets (we take it all apart and stack the matching pages on top of one another) We then take our Cricket Paper cutter and we start cutting

    Thurs Night
    Go shop
    Fri Night
    Go Shop

    DON”T BUY INTO THE BINDER HYPE … is a pain in the a$$ and I have more coupons than patience in folding into the size of baseball cards….I use TWO clear plastic shoeboxes and I make an index card for EVERY brandname out there….and then I take my stacks of coupons and drop them in the slots (they are in alphabetical order and in the alphabet i.e. A–you will find Aleve, Alive, Allergra, A-1 etc) its easier to go through the store see a brand and pull out the coupons for the brand not the AREA of the store.

    Also WATCH every coupon….those little buggers stick together and a cashier is not looking out for you

  4. I just watched the episode with Treasure in it and I don’t quite understand how that store could have limited her. I didn’t see her doing anything unethical, although I am still new to this.

    I noticed a lot of my IP coupons sticking together when I would hand a stack of them to the cashier so I started crinkling them individually before I stack and hand them to the cashier, they don’t look as nice but they won’t stick together!

    • Each store has it’s own coupon policy and some stores do indeed impose limits per household. Although this is rare. It seems that is what Treasure’s store did, was limit it to one per household.

      Good tip on the printable coupons to keep them from sticking together.


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