Smart Couponing Tip: Know Your Store Coupon Policies

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Coupon Policies

Smart Couponing Tip:  Know Your Store Coupon Policies

Couponing is a game, so to speak, and when you are playing a game it’s important to know what the rules are before you play. So that means that you need to understand the coupon acceptance policies at the stores you shop at.

Some stores have conveniently posted their coupon policies online so it is very easy for the consumer (you) to know what the rules are. While other stores like to keep us guessing. When in doubt though we recommend that you contact the store either via email or talk to the manager. Knowing if you can stack store coupons, if you can use a buy one get one free coupon on a buy one get one free sale, or if your store doubles or triples coupons is your key to big time savings!