Smart Couponing Tip: Dumpster Dive for More Coupons

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Dumpster Diving Haul Of CouponsSmart Couponing Tip: Dumpster Dive for More Coupons

Dumpster diving for coupons is one of the ways that some extreme couponers get more coupons. That’s right they dig through dumpsters for discarded papers. However most don’t dive into trash bins but instead dive into recycling bins full of newspapers. Is this legal? Well it depends. Check with your local city, county or state laws to see if it is allowed or if the recycling bin is located on private property ask the property owner before you dive.


  1. I will have to admit that I have never thought of Dumpster Diving in the year and a half since I have been couponing. I have gone so far as to ask my neighbors if they take the paper and use the coupons, but that is about as far as I got. I wonder how the couponing services get access to the coupons that they offer. Do they purchase x number of newspapers a week? From the prices that they charge, I find it hard to believe that they do that. Thanks for the tip.


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