Smart Couponing Tip: Contacting Companies for Coupons

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Smart Couponing Tip: Contacting Companies for Coupons

Smart Couponing Tip: Contacting Companies for Coupons

Want to know how to get free item or high value coupons? Most of those great coupons are not going to be found in your Sunday paper or printable coupons. Nope, one of the best ways to get your hands on some high value coupons to help you save a ton of money is by contacting companies.

There are sort of three basic methods for going about contacting companies for coupons. Each way has their pros and cons. Let’s go over each one, and then you decide what method is going to work best for you.

Asking for coupons

That’s right you send an email right to the company and point blank just ask them if they have coupons that they can send you. Some companies will go ahead and send you coupons while others are a bit stingier with their coupons. But it never hurts to ask if you ask me. It takes just a couple of minutes to write a quick and polite email requesting coupons. Usually this method is combined with method number two…

Send a compliment

There is a saying that you can catch more flies with honey…I don’t know if that is true but I do know that when it comes to sending an email you are more apt to get better results when you compliment a brand or company about their product. If there is a product you absolutely adore, send the maker a nice email letting them know that you are a fan and consumer of their product. Tell them why you love it, what it does for you, why it is better than the competitor’s brand. Be sincere. Don’t lie and make up a compliment and the manufacture may just very well send you some really nice coupons. Now there are some people that just send the nice email and hope that the company will send them some coupons, but I always like to ask for coupons in my email. If a brand want’s you to stay loyal to their product they will more than likely send you a few complimentary coupons to keep you happy with their product. I will never forget the time I send a quick email to a company that makes a popular cleaning product I love. I asked for some coupons and hoped they would come through. Much to my surprise, a few weeks later I received an entire box of their products. Wow, you can bet that made me a happy and brand loyal shopper. This is saying a lot since I am hardly brand loyal to anything!

Send a complaint

Let me start off this segment with a word of caution, tread lightly when it comes to sending a complaint about a product with the hopes that you will get a coupon. Honestly is always the best policy and the couponing community has been hurt by people who zealously have abused complaining about a product just to get a high value coupon. With that being said, if you purchase a product and are not satisfied with it, yet are willing to give it another try, there is no reason why you should not send an email to the company letting them know of your unhappiness with the product. Be honest about how the product was a disappointment, and avoid using foul language and being crass in your complaint about the product. If you are sending a legitimate complaint I feel that it is rude to out and out ask for coupons. In this case you are going to just have to hope that the company is willing to do right by the consumer and offer a coupon for a replacement product or even offer a refund of the purchase price of the faulty product.

So how do you go about contacting companies?

Most, if not all major brands and manufactures have a website these days. So your best bet is to find the company website and look for a link to a “Contact Us” or “Help” page. These links are usually either in the header (top of the site) or footer (bottom of the site) but sometimes you have sort of hunt for it. Once you find the page you should either be presented with a form to fill out or an email address to send an email to. Send them your message, keep it brief and polite and let the company take it from there. I would dare say about 60% of brands will respond by sending some sort of coupons in the mail within a few weeks while the 30% will send you some sort of form email letting you know that they don’t send coupons and to “look for coupons in your local Sunday paper” (standard line). The other 10% won’t respond at all. It happens I guess.

Some people make contacting companies for coupons a full time job (seriously) while others just take a stab at it from time to time. But if you are looking to get started in contacting companies for coupons you should join in on our 2016 Contacting Companies Challenge – where other folks in the HotCouponWorld community post about what companies they contacted and what coupons, if any, those companies sent them. It is a lot of fun and you learn from the other members who are participating in the challenge too!

What do you think, is contacting companies for coupons worth your time investment? Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. I recently sent a compliment email to Johnson & Johnson to let them know I have been a loyal
    Customer since my grown children were infants, and I now use their products for my grandchildren.
    I mentioned I recently discovered the joy of couponing,
    I ended with a request for coupons.
    They sent me a booklet with several coupons for cleaning products, all $1 or more off ONE item.
    I also got the Friskees Grillers coupons today, $2/1.
    (I don’t have a cat, but we do a 10k race every Feb, where everyone has to bring pet food for the local animal
    I am getting ready to
    Write more companies now to get coupons for items I can not seem to find them
    For… ie, powerade, Gatorade, oatmeal .. My husband is training for an Itonman race and uses
    Tons of this stuff!!
    I NEED coupons for them 🙂
    I think asking for q’s from companies
    Is a great idea.and I got it from HotCouponWorld, which I LOVE!!


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