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    Monday: Open 24 hours
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    Matthew Hilton
    Matthew Hilton
    5 months ago
    First time I came here with my wife and parents, we left soon after sitting down. The reason, it was packed and the waitress told us the kitchen was backed up. People looked happy and the staff were hustling.Visited this past week and it was less packed. Staff was helpful and happy. Pizza was on point and the Sara's Mac And Cheese was delicious.Will definitely return when I'm in the area!
    5 months ago
    Great Team Shoprite. Love Whartona P UP. I am disabled. Ordering from THE WEB SITE. IS MY ANSWER TO NOT BEING ABLE TO PUSH A BASKET. LOVE IR. EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTHLY.
    Susan B
    Susan B
    6 months ago
    I have a couple things to say here. First in response to covid they are doing sort of a half baked job in keeping their customer safe.I don't believe that they check to see how many people are in the store. If you go on a weekend or around supper time it tends to be very crowded.They also have one way isles marked. About half of the shoppers ignore it and store management does nothing to try and control what other than an occasional announcement. I think if they actually spoke to people there would be more complianceI tend to go very late in the day'after 10:00 p.m. when the stores less crowded. Often I see employee stocking shelves at that time. There are quite a few who either don't wear masks or have their mask below their nose. In essence it's the same thing. Wearing your mask below your nose is just like not wearing oneEither the store management is completely unaware or they're just not doing anything about it but either way there's no excuse for putting their customers in jeopardyOn a positive note I purchased a package of organic chicken and it came in a recyclable plastic tray rather than the usual non-recyclable styrofoam tray so I was thrilled to see that.I hope they take note of my comments and make an effort to improve things.
    Clean, well stocked, and quick to get in and out
    Very busy and no place to park

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