Smart Couponing Tip: How To Save On 10 For $10 Sales!

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How To Save On 10 For $10 Sales

When Albertsons rolled out the first 10/$10 sales several years ago, it was the perfect promotion. Get 10 items for $10 bucks! How simple could that be? And even better, they didn’t make you buy all 10 items; so really, you were getting a variety of items for $1. Now, those sales are commonplace and the bargains are harder to find. The sales have morphed into “Buy $20 worth of Brand X, and we’ll give you $10 off”. The problem with that is that Brand X is on sale for $4.99, which means you’ll need to spend $24.95 to get the $10 off.

So, how do you get past the gimmick and make these sales work to your advantage?

Combine manufacturer’s coupons with the sale:
This week, Albertsons has 32-ounce Gatorade on sale 10 for $10. Using a $1 off 2 coupon, it brings them down to .50 cents each instead of the $1.99 they normally retail for – that’s a 75% savings.

Use a high value store coupon:
Stores in my area issue coupons for $X off $Y purchases. So this week for example, Safeway has a $10 off $50 coupon. You can find these types of coupons in your local newspaper or in the Entertainment Book. Albertsons, and many other chains around the country have coupon policies to accept these as “competitor’s coupons”.

This week, I’ll be using that Safeway coupon to match with a sale on Campbell’s soups at Albertsons. The deal is to buy 20 for $10, no limit. However, the Safeway coupon represents an additional 20% off that price, bringing the final price of the soups down to .40 cents each. With my eye on the winter right around the corner, I’ll be buying enough soup for my family, some for the local food bank, and save 66% off the retail price. Using manufacturer’s coupons will yield additional savings.

Buy all 10 items:
Even if you don’t have a coupon, most times the items in these sales are about 50% off the shelf price. If you know you’ll use a product more than a few times a month, don’t just buy the one – buy all 10. It might cost a few more dollars in the short term, but it beats buying that same item again at full price next week.

Get a rain check:
Lastly, if the store is out of an item on the 10-for sale, get a rain check. It gives you time to hunt down manufacturer’s coupons to match so when you go back to the store to redeem the rain check, not only will the item be in stock, you’ll get the additional coupon savings as well.

Make it a point to scour the sale ads weekly to see how you can incorporate these 10/$10 type sales into your meal planning, beat the gimmick, and cash in on the savings!