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The prices of ground beef can be pretty high with non-sale prices in some areas as high as $5.00 a pound. Good sales can be few and far between but if you are willing to put a little effort into saving on meat you can shave some of the cost on ground beef.

1. Invest in a meat grinder. You can find a hand cranked meat grinder for about $30 retail or if you have a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer you can purchase a very nice meat grinding attachment for about the same price. Also check thrift stores, consignment shops and eBay for a deal on used meat grinders.

2. Watch for rock bottom prices on whole cuts of meat. This week my local store had rump roasts for $1.99 a lb. which was much cheaper than the $3.99 for pre-ground beef.

3. Purchase whole cuts of beef in bulk as your budget allows. With the sale price of $1.99 I went ahead and bought 3 large roasts at around 5 pounds each.

4. Grind your meat and package for freezing. First cut your meat into chunks small enough to fit in the grinder and follow the manufacture instructions and grind it up. The instructions for the Kitchen-Aid attachment says to grind the meat twice. Then package your meat for future use. Use quality freezer bags, vacuum sealer bags, or freezer containers to freeze your raw hamburger meat. For easy meals you may wish to brown some ground beef and freeze crumbled unseasoned or seasoned (think taco meat) for meals. Additionally you can pre-make meatballs and meatloaf too and freeze it for easy meal preparation.

In all grinding and packaging your own beef only takes 20-30 minutes and can the cost of the meat grinder can easily be recouped after just a few pounds of grind at home beef!


  1. I’d like to add. If you ask at the meat counter in your grocery store, they’ll grind it for you. I do this whenever top round roast is running under $2.00 a lb.You might have to wait a bit if they’re busy, but it’s never been a problem.

    Happy saving,

  2. If you don’t have a meat grinder, I saw a famous chef on a cookie show using a Cuisinart (sp??) to grind beef. He just us the pluse button instead of the “on”.

  3. I would like to tell you about sam’s case price on meats Ground beef is any wear from 80.00 a case to one hundred if you are like me that is alot but I buy it and split the cost with my daughter it is about 80 -100 lbs of meat they also have great deals on chicken case prices Hope this helps you

  4. I buy grassfed beef for 2.86 a pound! I buy a half a cow at a time (I get 75lbs of ground, 25 steaks, 7 roasts and like 10lb of fajita/stew meat.

    If $500 is too much up front for your family to spend, try splitting a cow into 2 or 3 people.

    Its so nice to know
    1) your meat is safe to eat and not full of food coloring or hormones
    2) is the product of one animal and not 50
    3) was treated nicely
    4) wasn’t sick or limping when they killed it.

    Grassfed is leaner, cooks faster and is more natural. Typically grocery stores charge 5.99 a pound, but if you can find someone local you can get it for half that.

  5. Being practical nowadays I essential. Giving up your car to save money isn’t a hard thing to do. Recessions tend to make people get a little more frugal, and thrift was a key virtue of the Greatest Generation, which weathered the Great Depression and did far more on less than subsequent generations. This latest recession has sparked a similar trend, and that is the onus behind America Saves Week. More people are concerned with saving money than spending it and creating more debt – and that is a GOOD thing.

  6. I’m currently blogging for a (poor) living for someone else… but I like it. You’ve inspired me to keep doing it, and look to doing it for myself soon

  7. A few years back when there were $1/1 pork TP around, I discovered Fred Meyer had ground pork for around $1 a pound, and sometimes you can get ground turkey cheap, you can mix either with ground beef if you don’t like the flavor. I think some recipes, like Swedish meatballs, traditionally use a mixture. TVP also used to be used as a ground beef extender, it’s cheap at Walmart.

    • Great tips Phyllis. I can often get ground turkey pretty cheap and often mix it with hamburger to extend it a little. Actually I prefer ground turkey for things like meatballs, I just think the texture is better.


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