How To Save Money on Ground Beef (3 Easy Tips)!

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Save Money on Ground Beef

How Can I ⭐️ Save Money on Ground Beef?

Many home cooks use ground beef a few times per week in menu plans. The prices of ground beef can be pretty high with non-sale prices in some areas as high as $6.99 per pound. Good sales can be few and far between. However, if you are willing to put a little effort into saving on meat, you can shave some of the cost on ground beef. There are several ways to save money on ground beef.

1 Grind Your Own Ground Beef

Invest in a meat grinder. You can find a hand cranked meat grinder for about $40 retail or if you have a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer you can purchase a very nice meat grinding KitchenAid attachment for about the same price. Also check thrift stores, consignment shops and eBay for a deal on used meat grinders.

Then, watch for rock bottom prices on whole cuts of meat, and purchase in bulk as your budget allows. This week my local store had rump roasts for $1.99 a lb. (which was much cheaper than the $3.99 for pre-ground beef). With the low sale price, I went ahead and bought 3 large roasts at around 5 pounds each.

Grind your meat and package for freezing. First, cut your meat into chunks small enough to fit in the grinder and follow the manufacturer instructions to grind it up. The instructions for the Kitchen-Aid attachment says to grind the meat twice. Then, package your meat for future use. Use quality freezer bags, vacuum sealer bags, or freezer containers to freeze your raw hamburger meat. For easy meals, you may wish to brown some ground beef and freeze crumbled unseasoned or seasoned (think taco meat) for meals. Additionally you can pre-make meatballs and meatloaf too and freeze it for easy meal preparation.

In all grinding and packaging your own beef only takes 20-30 minutes, and the cost of the meat grinder can easily be recouped after just a few pounds of grind at home beef!

2 Free Meat Grinding at your Meat Counter

Next time you see roasts on sale, but you don’t have the money or space for your own meat grinder, simply ask if the butcher at your local store will grind it for you. Most do! (Thanks to reader Bali for mentioning this tip!)

You might have to wait a bit of time if the butcher is busy, but most stores have helpful meat departments that will be happy to grind it for you.

They will repackage the meat onto a new tray with the price tag from the original package – no extra fee for grinding!

3 Mix Ground Beef with Less Expensive Ground Meats

Check your store’s meat department for ground pork or ground turkey or even bulk sausage. Often, these are cheaper than ground beef. Mix either with ground beef to stretch the meat.  Some recipes even call for a mixture of different ground meats (like Swedish meatballs or stuffed peppers).

You could even consider using beans or TVP to extend your ground beef (thanks to reader Phyllis for this tip!). Just keep the percentage of ground beef the highest if your family prefers the flavor of beef.

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