Sale + Coupon = Discount

6 Keys To Couponing: Key #1 - Sale + Coupon = Discount (via

The first key to couponing is to understand that there is more to saving money than just having a coupon and using it at the store. Instead you must understand that the coupon is just one part of the savings equation. The key is to wait for the item that you have a coupon for to go on sale, on clearance or otherwise be at a great price, then use your coupon on that item to purchase it at its rock bottom price point.

To give an example:

You have a coupon for $1.00 off one 8 oz. or larger package of Kraft cheese. Regular price of Kraft cheese at your local grocery store is $3.99. If you use your coupon now when the cheese is not on sale you will end up paying $2.99 for 8 oz. of cheese. Not the best deal.

Regular Price Plus Coupon

However… when it is on sale is when you start to see the big savings.

Kraft cheese is on sale this week for $1.99 (50% off the regular price!), you use your coupon for $1.00 off one package and you end up paying only 99¢. This is cheaper than 8 oz. of the store brand generic cheese and a savings of 75% off the regular price!

Sale Price Plus Coupon

As you can see waiting for the items you want to purchase to go on sale is how you save big money with coupons!

And when you can save 50% or more off the price of generics or the lowest price on your “must have” brand name products then you stock-up.

Which leads us to Key #2: Multiple Coupons = Stockpile