Perplexus Warp Maze Game Ball – Lightning Deal!

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Perplexus Warp Game on Amazon

Perplexus Warp Game

My kids first heard about Perplexus Maze Game Balls about four years ago, and I still find them playing with this amazing non-electric toy.  It’s a super-cool 3-D maze game contained in a ball.  You have to be patient and strategic to move a ball-bearing carefully from the start to the finish.  It’s crazy fun for ages 6 and older!  Hurry and get the Perplexus Warp Game today for only $14.99 from Amazon!  Save 32% off the regular price – this is a rare price drop!  But, hurry since this is a limited time Lightning Deal!
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  • Perplexus Warp Game is the 3-D game you’ll hate… because you can’t put it down! You’ll figure out the concept fast. Getting to the end is the challenge
  • Twist and turn the game, making the little ball follow the right-side up, upside-down, sideways and twisted pathway. Fall off the path? Start over!
  • Now there’s the Warp Drive to help you on the impossible track! See how fast you can finish!
  • Perplexus Warp Game is a 3-D puzzle game for one player, or multiple players taking turns, recommended for ages 6+. No batteries required.


From the manufacturer:
Perplexus Warp Game takes maze play to a whole new level! While Perplexus Maze Game Balls are usually a transparent sphere, Warp’s shape has been “warped” into an egg-like shape called a spherical octahedron. This new shape is easier to hold and won’t roll off of a table. Also new with Perplexus Warp Game is an external slider used to manipulate the marble inside on the track, nine internal cups that act as “baskets” for the marble to leap into, and an internal pivot that gives the illusion the marble is defying gravity. Perplexus Warp Game has six flagged check points and 80 challenging events. Ages 6 & Up


Perplexus Warp Game

Buy the Perplexus Warp Game from Amazon.

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