Organizing Your Freezer

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Organizing Your Freezer

Make the most out of your freezer space with these space saving tips.

  • Remove everything from your freezer and take stock of what you have in there.


  • Toss anything that has gotten freezer burn or is past it’s expiration date. Remember the adage “When in doubt, throw it out”.


  • Make a list of items you have that need to get used up soon and plan some meals for this week around those items.


  • Consider consolidating some packages. For example I like to take items like Totino’s Pizza Rolls and dump all the boxes into a few freezer bags, cut out the cooking instructions from one box and place it inside the bag and put back in to the freezer. This saves quite a bit of space.


  • Now is a good of time as any to go ahead and clean and defrost your freezer. If you have a freezer that needs to be defrosted place your frozen foods in a ice chest or two while you complete the defrosting. Follow your freezer manufactures instructions on defrosting.


  • Put your foods back in the freezer, keeping in mind to put like items together. Use the shelves or bins inside your freezer to keep similar items together. For example put all frozen vegetables in one bin, all meats in another, etc.


  • Containerize – Cardboard boxes, freezer containers and milk crates can be used to further organize your freezer. I personally use crates like these in different colors to organize my chest freezer.


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