Organizing Your Coupons

Key#4: Organizing Your Coupons

How To Organize Coupons

As you can see coupons are everywhere, but now you need to have a way to organize your coupons. Coupon organization is important because if you cannot find the coupons that you have when something is on sale then the coupons are useless and you miss out on the deal.

We strongly feel that there is no one right or wrong way on how to organize coupons. You have to find the method that works best for you. Each person’s organizational process is different so the method that works best for one person is not going to work for another because their brains do not have the same thought process.

There are however three common coupon organizing methods that most couponers use. The coupon binder method, the coupon box method and the whole insert method. We have compiled an in-depth guide for each method below that includes all you need to know about each method, the pros and cons, materials needed and more.

The Coupon Binder Method


One of the most popular ways to organize your coupons by many couponers the coupon binder method consists of a 3-ring binder and plastic baseball card or photo pages. Sections of the binder are organized with tabs based on categories or alphabetically.
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Coupon Box Method

Another popular way that couponers organize their coupons is by using the coupon box method and filing their coupons in a box or other container. The box is divided either by categories or alphabetically with tabbed folders.

The Whole Insert Method

For those who get multiple insert coupons and do not wish to clip them unless needed the whole insert method is the way to go. Simply file your coupon inserts by date and only clip coupons as you need them.

There are of course other ways that couponers have found to organize their coupons but the above examples are the most popular. Find a system that works for you. You may want to start small and with an inexpensive option first and then move onto another system later as you invest a little money in your organizing system. Many couponers have had to try out multiple organizing methods before they found the right system that works for them. I know myself I have tried them all at one point in time or another and after much trial and testing settled on the binder method organized alphabetically, that just works best for me.

One of the most common complaints I have heard about couponing is the time it takes to organize your coupons. Besides having a physical coupon organization system you also need a time management system. Find a time in your schedule each week to clip, sort, file, and pull expired coupons.

Once you have found a organizing system that works for you and have started organizing your coupons the next step is learning how to use those coupons at the store. Learn more about that in Key #5: Learning The Rules