Order Water When Dining Out

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Dining out can be a nice treat once in a while but the cost of beverages can really blow the budget. Ordering water with your meal instead of a soft drink or alcoholic beverage can really save you a lot of money. The average cost of a soft drink at most restaurants is around $3.00. Figuring that you can purchase an entire 2 liter of name brand soda for $1.50 non-sale price is that cup really worth it? If you must have some soda, stop by your local grocery store and pick up a 2-liter bottle and the entire family can have a glass at home for half the cost of just one persons soda at a restaurant. The mark up on alcoholic beverages is even higher than soft drinks. So consider skipping the Margarita or glass of wine in favor of water, you will not only save a few bucks in your pocket-book but also a few calories!


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