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Reader Kimberly G. from Texas asks the following question:

[quote style=”1″]Hi, my name is Kimberly and I’m 14 years old and I’ve been watching ‘extreme couponing’ and I’ve become very interested on how to coupon. I’ve bought a 3 ring binder and Pokemon card holders to but my coupons and organized them my category. But my problem is is that I don’t have a printer and it costs about 10cents to print. Which becomes a lot as it adds up so I was wondering what could I do? I usually send them my email to my moms work email but sometimes she’s not able to print them at the moment. Also I was wondering if you can give me a few tips! Im not a big fan of math.

PS: And where can I locate a few coupons that are fairy well?, my goal is to have a room full of nessesities for my family that maintains financial problems. Please give me a few tips on how to bein as a ‘newbie’ [/quote]

Dear Kimberly,

First of all let me commend you on starting to coupon and save money while you are so young. I wish I had known about couponing when I was only 14 years old. You are off to a great financial success by starting so young and managing your money at such an early age!

As far as your question goes, while printable coupons are really great and easily accessible to most everyone that has a computer and a printer the fact of the matter is that we consider printable coupons “icing on the cake”. Most “hardcore” couponers (we don’t call ourselves extreme couponers here at HotCouponWorld!) get most of their savings from coupons found in the Sunday newspapers as well as coupons they find in the stores (Blinkies, Tearpads, etc). Printable coupons, while nice, take up your own printer ink and paper and in most instances you can only print each coupon two times. Thus limiting your stockpiling ability. So, that being said, as a new couponer I would start to focus on non-printable coupons and finding ways to get more of those first.

If you are still wanting to do printable coupons but don’t have a printer at home, find a way to find a printer for cheap or maybe even free! Start by posting on your local Freecycle  group and ask if anyone has a working printer that they are no longer using to give away. As the name implies, everything on Freecycle is FREE. So you may just find yourself with a free printer! Another option is Craigslist to see if anyone has a printer they are either giving away or selling for cheap. Of course being a minor, be cautious about what you post online…there are creeps out there!

If you are not having any luck finding a printer for cheap on one of those sites don’t give up. Start saving your money for a printer (coupons can help!). It may take you some time to save enough but in the end it will be worth it. Once you have your own printer the cost of printing coupons ends up being 1-2¢ per print versus 10¢ to print at the library or other places. And of course if your parents, friends or family can print coupons for you too that is a great way to get your hands on any hot printable coupons.

To answer your other question on where you can find coupons that are fairly well (I am assuming that is what you meant, unless of course you are looking for fairy coupons), your best bet for coupons is till going to be in your Sunday paper. I would suggest reading this article on How To Get Extra Coupon Inserts and start thinking of ways to get your hands on multiple coupon inserts. And then when you are at the grocery store make sure you are looking for coupons there too, like I mentioned above there are all sorts of great coupons at the grocery store – Tearpads, Blinkies, Winetags, Peelies, and a ton more!

Happy Shopping!



  1. Hi Kimberly,

    First I want to say “You Go Girl!” – my 16 yr old daughter used to run and hide when I used coupons especially when she knew the cashier, but now she helps me and cheers me on, and has even started doing some of her own.

    I wanted to add to what Heidi said about print coupons – Sometimes there is an option to have them (the company offering the coupon) print the coupons and snail mail them to you, so check into that when you find one you want, its usually hidden somewhere on the coupon page or trouble shooting page if it’s an option. When you’re in school, you might be able to print at school (some school allow it and it’s free – some don’t, you would have to check on that). I also thought if you have a friend/family member with a printer (who isn’t a couponer, cuz if they are a couponer they probably already printed the coupons themselves) maybe you could talk to them about “renting” their printer – by that I mean offering to pay them a penny a coupon that you print and bring your own paper (the penny is cover the ink only).

    And as for getting a printer yourself – you can find free ones like Heidi said but you might have to buy ink for it and sometimes the ink costs more than the printer! And you can find new ones that are $35 or less usually that come with ink (Walmart, Kmart, and Big Lots are good places to look). Maybe you can ask for one for your birthday or Christmas (give your grandma those puppy dog eyes and say but I really need it Me-ma!)

    You can also contact the companies of products you know your family uses (go to there website and find the contact us link and send them an email) and ask them to send you coupons and get on their mailing list.

    It’s wonderful to hear/see young people helping their families! Good Luck & God Bless!

  2. Great tips, Heidi! I was in a similar situation to Kim when my home printer went on the fritz for a while. Wish I had this article back then! Keep on couponing!


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