NEW Flavors Spotted!! Nabisco Oreo Cookie Flavors for 2017

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New Oreo Cookie Flavors 2017

Update!  Some NEW Flavors are now available!!!  See the flavors below!!  Some are only at certain stores!

See the New Oreo Flavors for 2019 Here!

Did you hear the news?!  Nabisco will be releasing new Oreo cookie flavors in 2017!!  Some are a little crazy…okay, they all are a little crazy 😉  Are you planning on trying these?

Mystery Oreo Cookies!!   Thanks to Jackie for the picture of the Limited Edition Mystery Oreo Cookies! She spotted these at Giant Eagle!! Try to guess the flavor for a chance to win (details on the package).

Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos!!  These are graham flavored cookie with cookie butter flavor creme!! These look pretty good!  Thanks to Amanda for the picture!  These were spotted at Target but should be at many other stores!

Nabisco Waffles & Syrup Oreos! WOW!!  Would you try these?! Think these could pass as breakfast?! 😉

Update:  This one is a Safeway/Albertson’s Exclusive!

Nabisco Firework Oreos coming in summer of 2017!!  These have POPPING Candy!!!  How cool is that!!  You know you will at least have to try one!! 

Nabisco Jelly Donut Oreos coming in 2017!  This one might be a winner!!!

Update:  This one is now available!! It came out at the beginning of June and is a Walmart exclusive!

Nabisco Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos coming in 2017!!  You cannot go wrong with chocolate and more chocolate!! 
Did you see that the NEW Nabisco Peeps Oreos were just released!! Get ready for Easter with these oreos that have marshmallow peep flavor creme!! – Update!  This flavor is now gone!  Did you try it?!

Thanks to Candy Hunting on Instagram for the pictures above!

Amazon has some crazy Oreo Flavors availalbe as well!! They even have the Oreo Easter Peeps Flavor already!


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