NEW Hershey’s Candy: Discover Flavors of America this Summer!

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BBQ PayDay Flavor

NEW Hershey’s Candy Flavors

Have you seen that there are brand NEW Hershey’s Candy Flavors in stores this Summer? My daughter has an eye for spotting all the new grocery products, especially candy! We had an interesting conversation with the cashier & bagger at our local store yesterday about all the NEW Hershey’s Candy Flavors that are inspired by the Flavors of America.  We were all on the fence about the PayDay BBQ!!  Get all the new flavors below.

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The new Hershey’s Flavors of America collection, offering exciting limited-edition twists on your classic favorite candies. The unique combinations combine summer flavors from around the United States with iconic Hershey brands. Be the first to try them!

Hershey’s Cherry Cheesecake Chocolate Bar
Flavor of New York
Blending the tempting flavor of cherry cheesecake with pink cookie crust pieces, this creamy bar is a delicious take on the rich, classic American dessert from the big apple.

NEW Hershey's Flavors

Kit Kat Strawberry Flavor
Flavor of California
Inspired by the strawberry fields of California, this summer take on Kit Kat pairs the classic light and crispy wafers with praline filling and strawberry creme.

BBQ PayDay Flavor

PayDay BBQ Flavor
Flavor of Texas
Bold hickory BBQ-seasoned peanuts surround a chewy caramel center for a PayDay bar with a unique summer flavor, reminiscent of delicious Central Texas style BBQ.

NEW Hershey's Flavors

Reese’s Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Cup
Flavor of Georgia
A flavorful twist to the classic favorite candy is inspired by Georgia, which produces almost half of America’s peanuts.

Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates Coconut Almond Flavor
Flavor of Hawaii
Smooth white creme Hershey’s Kisses candies are blended with decadent Hawaiian coconut flavor and wrapped around a perfectly roasted whole almond.

Twizzlers Key Lime Pie
Flavor of Florida
A delicious take on the American classic dessert that originated in the Florida Keys, these filled twists are the perfect sweet, yet tart summer flavor.

Twizzlers Orange Creme Pop
Flavor of Florida
The refreshing taste of Florida oranges with a filling of smooth creme is reminiscent of the summer American classic…the Orange Creamsicle.NEW Hershey's Flavors


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