Nabisco New Oreo Flavors for 2019! (NEW Oreo Flavor Update + Contest!!)

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Limited Edition NEW Oreo Cookie Flavors 2019 Oreos

Nabisco New Oreo Flavors for 2019

Hey, Oreo Cookies lovers!!!  Did you hear the news?!  Nabisco will be releasing new Oreo Cookies flavors in 2019! Some look really GOOD including the new Dark Chocolate Oreos!!  Some limited edition flavors sound a little crazy.  Are you planning on trying these?

If you really LOVE Oreo Cookies, you will love this White Chocolate Oreo Hot Chocolate Recipe!!  Oreos & hot chocolate are delicious together.  Check out all the new Oreos flavors in 2019 below! (Updated as new flavors are spotted!)

Oreo Mystery Flavor ✅ has been spotted on store shelves now! They are traditional chocolate cookies stuffed with a mystery flavored creme. Many people are guessing French toast or Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavors. Plus, Nabisco is offering a contest (HERE) with a daily chance to won prizes thru November 10th! (Picture credit: Laura)

2019 Oreo Mystery Flavor Cookies

Latte Oreo Thins were spotted on shelves already! They are a new flavor of the Oreo Thins cookies variety. The chocolate thin & crispy cookies will be filled with latte-flavored creme. Sounds tasty! (Picture credit: Laura)

New Oreo Thins flavor latte 2019
Marshmallow Moon Oreos
are on shelves now! These are a limited edition Oreo in honor of the moon landing’s 50th anniversary.  The cookies feature marshmallow flavored creme sandwiched in chocolate cookies stamped with three lunar-themed designs. Plus, the cookies come in glow-in-the-dark packaging with anniversary stickers packaged inside. Fun!

oreo marshmallow moon cookies

Limited Edition S’Mores Oreo Cookies are HERE!! This limited time Oreo flavor features a graham flavored cookie with two kinds of creme filling: marshmallow AND chocolate flavored creme!!

Oreo S'Mores Limited Edition Flavor

Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos were released in July.  These cookies feature chocolate cookies stuffed with both mint and chocolate flavor cremes. Plus, there is chocolate chips mixed into the creme. Yum! Thanks to Jackie for the picture!

mint chocolate chip oreos

Maple Creme Oreos will be released in August. These feature Golden Oreo cookies with maple flavor creme filling.  These limited edition Oreo cookies will arrive right before Fall. (Picture credit: Jackie)

maple creme oreo limited edition

Game Of Thrones #ForTheThrone Limited Edition Oreo Cookies. Thanks to Jackie for the picture!

game of thrones oreo cookies

The Most Stuf Oreo! – Whoa! This limited time Oreo flavor has more than three times the amount of creme found in original Oreos. Thanks to Jackie for the picture!

Love, Oreos! – Try this new limited edition Oreo that has a Valentine theme. The chocolate Oreo cookie has a “sweet and tangy” flavor creme!! The packaging sure is eye-catching! Thanks to Jackie for the picture!

Carrot Cake Oreos – Love carrot cake?!  Try the limited edition Carrot Cake Oreos that are already in stores! They feature a carrot cake flavored cookie with a cream cheese frosting flavor creme middle. Yum! Thanks to Jackie for the picture!

Dark Chocolate Oreos – New Oreos that have been spotted! These have the traditional chocolate cookie with dark chocolate flavor creme!  Sounds delicious!! Thanks to Jackie for the heads up!

Easter Egg Oreo Cookies – This limited edition Oreos variety comes back in Spring, but it’s different this time! The traditional Oreos are shaped like eggs and stamped in 4 fun designs. The purple creme middle has the “same great taste.” (Spotted at Kroger)

Nabisco Easter Egg Oreo Cookies 2019 at Kroger

Spring Oreo Cookies – This limited edition Oreos variety is back! We weren’t expecting to see the Spring Oreos since we have the Easter egg Oreo variety this year, too! These traditional Oreos are stamped in 3 fun designs. The yellow creme middle has the “same great taste.” (Spotted at Kroger)

Kroger Nabisco Spring Oreos Oreo Cookies 2019

Fudge Covered Oreo Cookies – This new Oreo cookies variety looks divine! The traditional Oreos are covered in fudge! Wow! (Spotted at Kroger)

fudge covered oreos

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  1. I love the New Mystery flavor! It’s so good! I guessed it to be Snickerdoodle. They said its Churro. I guess it close enough lol. They r so good!!!


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