Multiple Coupons = Stockpile

Key-Number-2Once you understand that getting the best price on an item is to wait until it’s on sale and use a coupon, let’s move on to the next key. The second key is understanding the concept of getting multiple coupons and stockpiling.

Many people want to skip this key, but if you’re serious about saving money, it is very important!

When you find an item on sale and you have a coupon to make it an even better deal, don’t just buy one of that item,buy multiples! You will need multiple coupons of course so that you can purchase as many of that item as you need when the price is the lowest. Then you will have that item at home in your stockpile and you won’t have to pay full price when you need it.

Most people purchase groceries based on immediate need. For example they will think “I am out of cereal so I need to purchase a box of cereal to last until I go grocery shopping again”. So each week they purchase a box of cereal at $3.00 to $4.00 per box and there is no real thought process behind it. Instead, when you coupon and stockpile your frame of mind shifts. You think “this week cereal is on sale for $2.00 a box and I have a coupon for 50¢ off one box, making it only $1.50 per box of cereal, my family eats one box of cereal per week, cereal has a shelf life of 2 years, I have 20 coupons so I am going to purchase 20 boxes of cereal this week.”

It may sound insane to spend $30.00 on cereal this week when normally you only spend $3-$4, but now you have enough cereal in your stockpile to last for 20 weeks. When you do the math you can see the savings:

Stockpile Mentality

So by stockpiling now and thinking ahead for the next 20 weeks you are saving $30.00 or 50% off what you would normally spend on cereal.

Important Note: How many of any given item you should stockpile is an individual decision based on the size of your family, how much of any given item your household consumes, how much space you have in your home to store your stockpile and how many coupons you have. A family of 6 with three teens and a basement can (and should) stockpile more than a single person living in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Apply this concept to everything that your household consumes and over time you begin to see the savings. You just need to shift your mindset from buying based on need NOW to buying based on need LATER and buying when the price is lowest.

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In order to stockpile and purchase more than one item with coupons you need to be able to get multiple coupons. There are several types and sources of coupons which we will cover more in depth in Key #3.

Your goal, once you understand all of the various sources of coupons is to get multiple coupons so that you can stockpile when items go on sale. You won’t use all the coupons you have, in fact many will expire before you use them, but you want to do your best to be prepared for when a sale happens on a product you want to buy.

Important Note: A common misconception many new couponers have is that you can use multiple coupons on one item. This is not the case. For example: if you have a coupon for $1.00 off 2 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal, you can only use one coupon for each two boxes of cereal you purchase. Some stores have their own store coupons and these coupons are not manufactures coupons. In most cases (depending on the store policy) you can stack a store coupon with a manufactures coupon for extra savings.

How many coupons you will need is going to depend on how much of any one given item you want to stockpile. This is an individual decision each couponer needs to make, however, a common starting point is 2 to 3 coupons per member of your household so that you can stockpile. If there is a product that your family uses a ton of on a daily or weekly basis then you may want to try and get more of that coupon if you can.

Now that you understand the concept of multiple coupons and stockpiling let’s find out where to find all those great money saving coupons in Key #3: Where to Find Coupons