Milk Jug Halloween Crafts

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Don’t throw those empty milk jugs out. Instead re-purpose them into great Halloween decorations and costumes! Wash them out well with soap and water to avoid that funky sour milk smell (unless that is part of the Halloween fun in your house)!

Here are some ideas to get your juices milk flowing….just click the link underneath each picture to see how they are made!

Spirit Jugs

Spirit Jugs from eighteen25

Halloween Milk Jug Crafts - Mr. Bottle Bones

Mr. Bottle Bones from Little Green Bean

Halloween Milk Jug Crafts - Spooky Spider

Spooky Spider from Family Fun

Halloween Milk Jug Crafts - Milk Jug Pinata

Milk Jug Pinata from cathiefilian

Halloween Milk Jug Crafts - Milk Jug Pumpkin

Milk Jug Pumpkin from DaniellesPlace

Halloween Milk Jug Crafts - Milk Jug Masks

Milk Jug Masks from Living Green-Living Frugal

and last but certainly not least for any of you Star Wars fans you gotta check out this one….

Halloween Milk Jug Crafts - Milk Jug Storm Trooper Mask

Milk Jug Storm Trooper Mask from Filth Wizardry

Now you….have you made or seen a really a awesome Halloween decoration or mask using milk jugs? Let us know about it in the comments!


    • Hi Anna, thanks for dropping bymand leaving a comment. I understand what you mean. About half of my family is lactose intolerant. But if you like the crafts you could post on your local free cycle for empty milk jugs (I usually have great luck asking for stuff like that for crafts) or water also comes the same kind of jugs too.


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