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    Tim Dy
    Tim Dy
    4 months ago
    I selected Lowe's over Home Depot to purchase a new refrigerator even though Home Depot had better price because I called Lowe's and asked if Lowe's will connect the new refrigerator to my existing water line and if there are any limitations which prevent to connectit. I was told by Lowe's installation department that there is no known limitation on the water line which will prevent installers from connecting the new refrigerator. When installers came they disconnected the old fridge, brought the new one and told me that there is an issue because both existing line and refrigerator have male connectors. I had a compression shutoff valve between the refrigerator line and my water line. I pointed out that there is a connection hose which is part of the order which they brought which will connect them. They said OK and disconnected both sides of the valve, not only the side which goes to the refrigerator but also the side which was connected to my water line (there was no reason to do it, they just had to connect the hose they brought one side to the fridge another to the valve). After that installers connected the hose they brought to the refrigerator and to the valve and refused to connect the valve to the existing line. Installers told me that they can't do it due to their "policies" and made me do it to connect valve to the existing water line whichtheydisconnected themselves. Very unprofessional. I called Lowe's and put them on the phone but the associate couldn't help me. They gave him the same excuses that this is their "policy" that they don't want to connect to the existing line. Very unfortunate experience. They pushed the refrigerator right next to the wall, took pictures of water coming from the dispenser like everything was fine and left. I scheduled my plumber to come over in a couple of days to check the connection and... Well the leak developed before my plumber came... I noticed in a few days that water is coming from my siding where the fridge is. I moved the fridge out and saw the connection where the valve is leaking (again why did they disconnect the valve from my line first hand?). I ran into Home Depot and got a new brass nut, fitting, ring and spare valve, installed them on my water line side, connected them and looks like the leak stopped. Now the fridge was right on top of my garage and the next day I found out that the garage ceiling flooded and that my wife's new 2022 car is all covered with drops from the leak. We ran to the car wash fast because drops had some residue from the ceiling which could stick to car paint. Looks like it washed away but will see in a few days hopefully we don't have to repaint brand new car. This experience with Lowe's installation was unsafe, very unprofessional and was very unfortunate. Next time if I will purchase appliances I will do it with Home Depot and make sure it's connected by good professionals.
    Help avail everywhere. Had everything we needed.. Thanks Dana and few more that helped me get to Dana. In electrical, check out was nice as well.. Meant to send this many weeks ago.. I was just there again and God help Contracting area those guys work pretty much Monday through Friday but I still found some help in that area then we found everything we needed
    BK Yowsers
    BK Yowsers
    7 months ago
    2/22/2022 update. Service has been lately. Updating to add info on appliance recycling.Step 1. Check with appliance if there are applicable fees for drop off. Refrigerator is $30, my understanding is most places will charge for freon removal.Step 2. Drop off at designated location, picture with location provided.Original review 1*:Okay third time picking up online order and all three have been the same person. She needs more training!Gave her my order number, she ask what do I want to pick up because system shows three orders.I told her I have one order, she ask me to look and I see it's ONE order in three line items. She ask what do I want. My response, 'whatever you tell me per my notifications, don't you follow your own process? I would want everything that is ready.Now I have to wait for them to assemble the order. I ask why isn't it ready? The notifications says it's ready. They tell me that's not how it works, I have a lot of doors. Six.Well I was just at the Mill Creek Lowe's and it was ready at pickup when I received my notification.Will never do online pick up at this Lowe's and probably will avoid this store!!
    Aravind S
    Aravind S
    2 years ago
    The girl in carpet installation area explained exactly what we need to know.
    Bad Pickup order service. Walmart is way better than this.

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