Last Minute Valentines Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank

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Last Minute Valentines Ideas That Don't Break The BankSubmitted by Tacatcon

Are you like many of us who wait until the last day possible to figure out what to do for Valentines Day? If the thought of going to the store to pick out another Hallmark card and box of chocolates has you less than excited, here are some last minute Valentines ideas to say “Be Mine” that won’t cost you a lot!

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For Your Spouse or Partner

  • Guys- ladies still love flowers! Right now on you can get 2 dozen roses in a vase with chocolates for $29.99 using the code “JimB” when you click on the microphone in the top right corner of their homepage! Shipping is extra!
  • If sending flowers, consider the Groupon for FTD florist. 50% off right now. You pay $20 and get $40 worth of flowers or gifts. But you have to hurry -this Groupon is gone tomorrow.
  • Nothing says “I love you” like a little thought and creativity! Write your honey a poem and print it out on nice paper and frame it for them to keep. Not very creative? Make a collage of photos of the two of you together, documenting your relationship and frame it. Burn a CD of songs that you both enjoy! Make a “themed dinner” with all foods that you have to eat with your hands and feed each other romantically. Or make a dinner with only red foods (pasta, lobster, rare beef, apple, radishes and get out that food coloring) and finish with a yummy desert of strawberries dipped in chocolate that you have prepared!
  • Focus on your partner. Make a little time for just the two of you even if you can’t afford a big night out on the town. Call the babysitter or a relative and spend some time with each other without distractions. Guys-you can win big points by calling the babysitter yourself!!! Light some candles and cuddle up on the couch. Look at old photos of the two of you and make an album of your relationship together! No TV., no kids, no work or computers for a few hours!

For Your New Boyfriend/Girlfriend or that Casual Date

Sometimes it is a little daunting when you just began dating and Valentine’s Day rolls around. Here’s a few ideas that don’t scream “Stalker” and still let your new interest know you care.

  • According to, chocolates are the way to go guys, if you’re not yet committed. But buy a variety box and a nice collection, not the cheapest heart you can find at the drug store.
  • For the person you just started dating, a humorous card that doesn’t say “love” is okay!
  • Ladies, for that man you just began to date, consider planning a date so the pressure is off him! Even better, find out what he is into and plan a night around that. Is he into 80’s rock? Maybe there is a cool cover band playing in your area and you can take him to the show. Is he a sports nut? Take him to the local batting cages (weather permitting) or sports museum in your area!
  • A gift of something practical for the new person in your life is perfectly appropriate. An ice scraper because your new beau is always asking to borrow yours, a set of bar waree for the guy who serves you your drinks in dixie cups, a Dunkin Donuts gift card to get them through their coffee obsession!

For The Kids and Grandkids

Valentine’s Day for many of us is a family holiday and chances are you are debating between stuffed animal and candy right now! Here are a few other gift ideas for the younger set:

  • recommends U Star novels which allow you to get a personalized classic novel where your child (or you) becomes the main character and you can assign other characters as well.
  • Hallmark Gold Crown stores offer recordable storybooks as well where you can record your voice reading the story so your child or grandchild will always have you close.
  • Take time to do something special with your kids. Maybe they’ve been asking you to play a certain board game or watch a movie together. Plan a themed dinner with your children! Make everything heart shaped or red and pink. Let them help you cook that night and make it a family event. (Cut some fruit into heart shapes and make chocolate fondue for dipping for desert.) Take them on a nighttime walk to look at the stars!
  • Spend some time picking out romantic comedies from your generation to share with your older daughters. Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and Say Anything are some of my favorites! Buy them a few used DVDs or have a movie night to watch the movies together and snack on popcorn!
  • For the tweens and teens, they still like candy but what they really want is gadgets. Instead of a chocolate heart, consider an Itunes gift card so they can load up their Ipod.
  • Before Valentine’s Day cut out a bunch of paper hearts and write questions about your family on them like “How did Mom and Dad meet?” or “What was the best family vacation we took?”. After dinner take turns picking hearts out of a bowl and answer the questions together.
  • For the younger children, let them make a present for your spouse/partner. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but they will get such a feeling of pride that they made that gift for mom or dad. Google Valentines Craft Ideas for easy, inexpensive crafts!
  • Instead of “romantic coupons” make family coupons that your children can redeem for “one free hour of TV.” or “Get out of chores for one day pass”.

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day for those you love (or just like) remember you do not have to spend a lot of money to show someone you care! A little time and effort shows more love than dollar signs! If you have suggestions for Valentine’s Day, please comment below.


  1. Oh Heidi-I’m glad you said that about the sandwiches-I have done that in the past for my little one but definitely have to do that tomorrow for her lunch!!!


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