Kitchen Tip: How to Shred Pork with a Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer

shredding meat with kitchen aid

How To Shred Pork Using

I am not really sure where I learned this trick but when you are cooking up pork for a large crew (like I am often doing for my big family of 6) this ⭐️how to shred pork article is a really nice time saver.

This works with pork, or chicken beef. Any meat that you needed shredded for whatever dish you are making.

I cook up pork or beef roast in the crock-pot, then ⭐️shred the meat in my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer from Amazon (which was an extravagant gift from my wonderful husband who sometimes spoils me for my birthday) If you do not have a stand mixer any heavy duty mixer will work.


This go around I baked up 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts to use in a dish for chicken enchiladas (recipe to follow soon!) that needed shredded chicken.

UPDATE: Click here for my Creamy Chicken Enchiladas Freezer Meal recipe!

So here is how it works.

Put your meat in the bowl of your Kitchen-Aid stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment.

Pardon the slightly dirty top of my Kitchen-aid. I blame my husband…you see I baked the chicken but then I had to run out the door to pick up our youngest daughter from her after-school program and so I asked him to shred the chicken in the Kitchen-Aid and take pictures for the blog…he did not think to make sure the mixer was wiped down….oh well it is what it is….

Next turn the mixer on low….low speed is important, otherwise you will have meat flying around your kitchen….my dogs love when that happens….

Continue mixing on low until your meat is shredded to your desired shreddedness (that is not a word… OK oh well, what else do you call it?)

And the final product. Be it used for chicken sandwiches (6 chicken breasts makes a lot of chicken!) or burittos or whatever. Or pulled pork or beef, tacos….the list goes on and on.