How to Get Rewarded Using RecycleBank

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RecycleBank is a relatively easy ways to earn points, these points can then be turned into coupons, gift cards or even magazine subscription. To get started, create an account or login to your account. You then will see a menu at the top of the screen. Earn Points will list out the available options that you can do to earn the points. Get Rewards lists out the available rewards that you can cash your points in for.

How to Earn Points – Chose Earn Points from the top menu. You will then see a list of options to earn points. Choose one of the options and click on the words underneath the picture. You will either be given a pop-up screen to answer a question or will be taken to the next page where you will have to answer a question or pledge to be greener to earn those points. The questions and pledges are geared towards recycling and conservation. Once a task is complete, you then chose Get Points to add the points earned to your account. You must click on the Get Points link to add your points. These points never expire!

RecycleBank is also known to have a task oriented point earner that will slowly open to allow more points to be earned. The current offering as of the writing of this article is “Green your School Year”. When you open this option, at the bottom left corner you will see “Shopping, First Day, and After School”. Each of these options opens a new page to earn more points. As you scroll down through the hours of the day, you will see RecycleBank icons on the screen. You click on these icons and either answer a question or pledge to be greener. You then are presented with the “Get Points” link that will add your earned points to your RecycleBank account. The “Green your School Year” will get you a total of 295 points for all 3 phases. These types of offers change throughout the year.

An additional way to earn points is by taking advantage of the advertisements that are on the right side of the screen. There, you will also see options from time to time to do a quick point earn. Most of these are a simple click, answer a question and then get the points.

RecycleBank also offers a credit card that you can gain points from and curbside recycling (if offered in your area). Many grocery stores are also participating in RecycleBank as well. Earn points with Cub Foods, Publix, Albertsons and Sprouts just to name a few. Referring your friends and family will also gain 10 points per referral. The more people that sign up under your referral link (which you can get once you sign up) earns you more points.

The point earning options change often and at times they will allow you to earn again on the same task.

How To Redeem Points – The Get Rewards menu option at the top of the page is where you will see all available items you can redeem your points on. RecycleBank does offer home mailer coupons but the most popular coupon offerings and printable coupons that you can print immediately after you cash out your points. Many of the coupons available on RecycleBank are not available anywhere else. A lot of these coupons are also organic product coupons which are rarer coupons. Other items like gift cards are mailed to you and can take 4 to 6 weeks to receive.

Chose the item you wish to redeem for. You will add that item to your cart. You can add more items to your cart if you chose. You then checkout with your items and confirm that checkout. If your item is a print at home coupon, you will be given an immediate “Print this reward”. You can print it immediately, or come back and print it later. The coupon will be a Bricks based printable that allows 2 prints. The coupon will expire 30 days from print. Remember, you are allowed two prints per 30 days no matter how many times you redeem your points.

To give you an idea of the amount of points that is needed to redeem: coupons start around 50 points and can go as high as 500 points. Magazine subscriptions are between 115 and 230 points. Gift cards start at 2500 points.

Article submitted by Katie Handling, Katie is stay at home mom of two and avid couponer for 5 years! She is also one of the editors at where she spends her days posting the hottest and newest printable coupons!


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