How to Get Extra Coupon Inserts

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How To Get Extra Coupon Inserts

Coupon Inserts

There are many ways to get extra Sunday coupon inserts and the main key is that if you want to get them for free you may need to think outside of the box. But you definitely want to try to find a way to score extra coupon inserts.

Why? Because in order to save the most money and use coupons to their max potential you want to get more than one coupon so that you can buy more than one product when it is on sale. So if Kraft cheese, for example, is on sale this week for $1.99 at your local grocery store you want to buy 5, 10, 15, 20 packages of cheese using coupons on each package of cheese so that you are purchasing that cheese at its lowest price point instead of paying $3.99 for that cheese at full price when you need it because you are out of cheese. This is called stockpiling and in order to stockpile, you need multiple coupons.

  • Buy extra newspapers (full price) – This is the simplest way to get multiple coupon inserts albeit the most expensive option since the Sunday edition of the newspaper usually costs more than the other days of the week. The average cost of the Sunday paper in most parts of the United States is around $2.00. However in larger cities the newspaper can carry $20, $40, $50 even $90 or more in valuable coupons. So it can actually be worth investing $2.00 per paper as long as you end up saving more money than you spent.
  • Buy extra newspapers (discounted) – There are some stores that sell newspapers at a discounted rate. While this can vary regionally you may want to check out your local dollar stores and convenience stores to see if anyone in your area sells papers at a discounted rate. Another option is to call up your local newspaper company and ask them if they can offer you a discounted subscription rate for multiple issues of just the Sunday paper. Again this is hit or miss, some newspapers do this, some don’t but it never hurts to ask.
  • Purchase coupon inserts from a clipping service– There are many coupon clipping services that offer the option to not just buy clipped coupons but also whole inserts. The rates can vary greatly from coupon clipping site to coupon clipping site but expect to pay anywhere from 10¢ to $1.00 per insert plus the cost of shipping.
  • Glean inserts from the junk mail box if you live in an apartment – Some apartment complexes have a box next to the centrally located mail boxes where residents can toss their junk mail. This box can be a source of left over inserts as well as many non-couponers open up their paper and just toss the sale ads and coupons without even glancing at them. Also in some areas the RedPlum insert is not put in newspapers but is sent by mail, many people perceive these inserts are mere junk mail.
  • Free paper – Some communities put out a free newspaper usually mid-week that contains coupon inserts. This paper is sometimes delivered door to door or/and put in coupon boxes around town free for the taking. Be sure to be mindful of any signage on these coupon boxes that limits each person to a certain number of papers. While the papers are free it is not fair to other people who want a paper, the newspaper company or their advertisers.
  • Purchase coupon inserts from eBay – There are quite a few eBay sellers that sell whole inserts as well. Before buying check the seller’s feedback, previous auctions to make sure everything checks out and you are dealing with a reputable seller. Also it is wise that you find out what coupons are in the inserts you are buying. If the coupon listing does not include a list go ahead and ask the seller. Most good sellers will be willing to send you a list so that you can make sure you are getting your money’s worth. It should not go without saying that smaller cities get fewer coupons in their papers than larger cities and some unscrupulous sellers sell those smaller paper’s whole inserts and when you get your package in the mail you are very disappointed to find out that the whole inserts you just paid for have only 3 or 4 coupons in them and tons of junk pages.
  • Purchase or trade coupons online – Many of the trading members right here at HotCouponworld get extra inserts (from the same sources listed right here in this article). Post in our coupon trading forums that you are ISO (In Search Of) whole inserts and see if anyone sends you a private message and you guys can work out a deal.
  • Ask people you know – Out of the millions of coupons issued very few coupons are actually redeemed so that means that there is a good chance that someone you know is not using their coupons. So it can be worthwhile to ask your friends, family, co-workers, church members, PTA members, and anyone else you can think of if they would not mind saving their extra coupon inserts for you.
  • Ask your newspaper carrier – It never hurts to ask the newspaper carrier what he or she does with papers that did not sell or were extras. Many carriers are not allowed to give away their extra un-sold papers as they have to return them in for redemption and credit however you just never know unless you ask.
  • Ask at your local stores – Gas stations, grocery stores, big box stores, drug stores or anywhere they sell the paper can be another possible resource for whole inserts. Ask the manager (not the cashier) what they do with their leftover unsold newspapers. Some stores have to return them to the newspaper company however in some locations they just dump them in the trash. If that is the case ask if you can have them instead.
  • Dumpster Dive – That right, this method may sound a little creepy, gross or extreme but for some couponers checking out what was thrown in the recycling bin by other people is a viable option as a source for extra coupon inserts. We are not actually talking about digging in a bin full of dirty garbage but instead looking in clean, paper only recycling bins. Check out the site Earth911 to find a local recycling center. Before you dive check to see if it is legal or not in your city to dive.
  • Scout out places where others leave their papers behind – There are many places where other people buy a newspaper, read it and leave it behind for other customers. Take a cruise around town and visit your local coffee shop, burger joint, laundromat, diner or donut or bagel shop and see if anyone left their coupon inserts behind. While you are there you may want to try talking with the manager to see if maybe they can save those leftover papers for you.
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Hotels – Think about all of the places in your town that offers their guests or patients a free newspaper and then go in and ask if they would be willing to help you out by saving those leftover papers for you.
  • Public Library – Many libraries get a subscription to each of the area newspapers (sometimes more than one!), visit your local library on Sunday, if they are open, or Monday morning and ask the librarian if you can have the coupon inserts from the papers.
  • Craiglist, Freecycle, & other local classifieds – You may want to try posting on your local free classifieds, Craigslist and/or Freecycle to see if anyone is willing to give you their leftover coupons. If you do this be cautious about meeting strangers at their home or yours and instead try to meet the other person in a public place in broad daylight. If a person is unwilling to meet you in public pass up on their offer of coupons, it is not worth risking your life over a few extra coupons!

The biggest thing to remember if you want to get extra coupon inserts for free or cheap is to not be afraid to ask around. Couponing is not usually for the timid, you sometimes have to be willing to put yourself out there and ask. Remember the worse thing someone is going to say to you is no. Not the end of the world. However you will never know unless you ask.

How NOT get whole inserts – these methods are illegal or unethical.

Pay for one newspaper from the coupon box and then proceed to take more than one newspaper – This is called stealing and you can be prosecuted.

Go through the newspapers in the store and steal the coupons from inside the paper – Again, stealing you could go to jail…not worth it!

Taking newspapers off of other peoples driveway, curb, lawn, doorstep – These people pay for their newspaper subscription you did not. Not only could you get busted for stealing but also trespassing.

Going through people’s trash – In most municipalities it is illegal to go through curbside trash or even the recycling bins that people set out at the street. Even if it is not illegal where you live to dig in others trash you may upset your neighbors when they see you rifling through their bins. People are very concerned about identity theft (although people really should be shredding their important papers to prevent that) and don’t want others rooting around in their trash.

What other ways have you found to get extra coupon inserts? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I am a newspaper carrier, I deliver to homes and I have extra inserts that if not used get thrown away. Talk to your carrier and ask them if they would give them to you, most of us will give them away to those that can use them when we have them left over.

  2. Hi William
    If you click on the link that says coupon clippers, it will bring you to the HotCouponWorld page where we list some of our favorites. These are the clippers you can buy either clipped coupons or in some cases whole inserts from. HTH


  3. We are able to buy the left over inserts that are returned to the newspaper office from convenience & grocery stores starting on Monday. They charge 50 cents per set and I haven’t discovered a limit to the number I buy. This was especially great after we went on vacation-I was still able to buy the inserts from when we were out of town! So easy!!!

  4. I want to know how the “clippers” get their coupons. I want to start a neighorhood couponing class and I want to get some binders together.

  5. I have the problem that none of the papers in my area put inserts in them, and none of my stores double coupons. And unfortunately most of the stores are now putting up “no printed coupons allowed”. I need some advice or a direction.. any help is appreciated.

    • Hey Amy, that stinks that couponing is becoming a bit harder in your area. Keep in mind that only about 20% of stores nationwide double coupons so that does not mean that you cannot save money if your stores don’t double. The stores in my area don’t double coupons either. As far as no inserts in your Sunday paper I can relate on that one too. I live in a small town and our local paper stopped carrying coupons in their Sunday paper around Easter of 2011. So guess what? I found another resource for them by trading with some of the fine folks here at HotCouponWorld or I use a coupon clipping service to get the coupons that I need. When it comes to printable coupons it is a shame that some store won’t accept them, but unfortunately they are a source of abuse and fraud and so many stores are hesitant to accept them. But I have always looked as printable coupons as a little extra, since you can only print two it is really hard to stockpile using printable coupons. So when I can print and use them great, if not, not a big deal since the bread and butter of most of the coupons I personally use (and I dare say most of the “hard core” couponers use come from the Sunday inserts and not printable coupons. It may take a little bit more work when it seems the “coupon gods” are frowning upon you. But the savings are still worth the work if you ask me!

      • I noticed on there is a link to enter your zip code and If
        Your address qualifies you may get their insert mailed to you – long shot but
        Worth a try they will also give names of papers in nearby communities that
        Carry their insert

    • Hi Bobbie, I understand your desperation. Make sure you read the article above and get out there and find a source for your inserts. It takes work but if you are willing to put the time in it can pay off!

  6. also a good place to score coupons is the thrift stores. the thrift stores receive newspaper donations all the time for wraping glass. they may be willing to give up the coupon inserts

  7. I have a friend that owns a paper route. We barter inserts for product. She will give me several sets of inserts and I will bring her several items from my stockpile. It works out great.

  8. I am just starting to get the Coupon Bug…….I live in Mass and have not even checked out the papers yet, but does anyone have any tips in getting extra inserts in Mass ? I noticed people selling tons of stuff at our local Flea Market and one guy tells me he is an extreme couponer……is this legal ?

  9. I usually find Groupon (or similar site) deals for newspaper subscriptions.. our Dollar Store also has papers but sometimes no coupon inserts so I take a peek first! Thanks for the info!!

  10. I am a newspaper carrier also.
    Me and my significant other actually work the two routes together. We have a ~10 mile city route with roughly 150 deliveries / home customers and a county route 100+ miles long in a neighboring state. The county route has 3 coin distribution racks which are not too far apart. One of these is in a food lion shopping center, this rack is constantly being stolen from. I have been forced to actually stakeout the racks suffering from theft, with video equipment handy of course. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. I most definitely don’t want to spend what little time we have watching for thieves. I am being left no choice. Every Sunday I lose more than half the value in the rack. I put 20 in and more than half will be stolen. I have to pay for all the papers. if I don’t have returns to give back because of theft I pay the full price because I was unable to recoup my profit from the box. if A Sunday paper cost $1.75 in the rack and my whole sale cost is 00.85¢ then my gross intake after my cost is .about 90 cent per copy. Every paper we distribute is accounted for and every tenth hundredth of a cent is used to round and account for cash flow by the papers database system. We do not get full credit for returns as it is. If I only sell 5 papers at .90 cents =$4.50 gross intake and 11 are stolen at 00.85= $9.35 + $9.90 the newspaper assumes we made off of sales because we did not return them = $19.25 + $4.50 actual change collected =$23.75 which is deducted from our profit checks for that days so called sales. when we actually, before having to pay taxes using a 1099 only collected 4.50 in profit before tax from said rack because we dont get the whole 8.75 really it is redeemed by the paper at profit check time in addition to the total cost of all stolen papers and is collected pre check print. Theft is a real deal breaker. This doesnt take into account that we spend at least $650.00 in fuel each month at least on our route, which is averages out to about 20 to 25 dollars a day plus additional cost of operation such as an oil change and filter every 30 days literally. Tires go quicker than diapers and formula. All sunday papers or any paper with inserts is assembled at least in part by the carriers. assembling papers is simple and easy until you have at least 350 papers to assemble right before you deliver them in route. This after sometimes waiting at a location for hours upon hours in a line of other carriers in a location with no restroom facilities or heat in the winter in your vehicle. No assembly location is provided by the paper. the paper routes are contracted and expected to be finished by 6am mon – sat and 7am sunday I have had to wait until after 6am for the papers arrive to said location. Then rush as fast as possible to deliver so to limit complaints because we are charged per complaint. $5.00 per mon-sat complaint and $8.00 for a sunday complaint “do the math”. lets say you have 100 customers call in and say you did not deliver their paper by 6 am on sunday thats $800 loss that one day. most carriers routes cant make that much in profit ever. especially after taxes and costs. When you steal from a carrier you are stealing from someone who probably has very little to show for much lost sleep and hard work. Also if we miss one day the bonding agency we have to pay 8 dollars a month for comes after us for 2000 dollars per route contract if the paper takes our route and bonds us. If they have to have someone else deliver the route that can happen. so you must have a backup vehicle, you must have fuel / repair / supply money, you must not like to sleep properly and you must purchase all papers and bags. There is no day off unless you hire a fill in. Carriers have been expected to deliver the same day of having a heart attack. So please, if you need more coupons than what normally comes in one paper please speak to your carrier, or buy the papers you need. We have enough crap to deal with. We do usually have extra inserts. different papers have different rules. Ours recycles the papers / returns.

    • also the carrier may be able to offer you a special delivery price for multiple copies especially if you become a carrier collect instead of an office pay. they can also be more easy going about due dates usually. As long as I get paid by my customers I do all that I can to help them as much as possible. They may be willing to take a slight cut rather than to have to deal with people going and stealing their papers from the racks.

      • Some may even be able to work in extra inserts for a slightly higher rate or maybe even for free, because most inserts are partially assembled at the press by a machine that is very inaccurate and overloads some sets, probably due to being run beyond its speed limits. getting a 7 day subscription in my area will save you at least half the cost, not including the fuel and time you would normally use to go get it yourself everyday. SO= Sunday Only subscription here on one of my routes = 9.22 a month $1.84 per paper so SO you save in the form of time and gas. Daily sub = DS 15.22 per month divided by 5 for 5 week month = 3.04 a week =.43 cent a paper in a 5 week month and .54 cents a day for a four week month
        [weekly rack cost {1.00×6=6.00+1.75=7.75}] home delivery is basically giving away newspaper for advertisers at the expense of the carriers pocket. and it is mostly due to dishonest customers. a newspaper like any other company must protect themselves to continue so all the loss is put off on their customers which is us the carriers. sorry for all the rant like speech but it seems like some people either have no clue or dont care so i figured I would try to inform a little.

    • Robert I personally think it’s great you commented to explain how your job with delivering the paper works. Maybe if more people knew this they’d think twice before stealing that extra paper. 🙂

  11. Annually newspaper promotion centers call offering weekly sale ads And coupons delivered in your area its about a 1 1/2 call to verify delivery info and u can get weekly coupons delivered FREE!! COMMUMITY EXTRA… OR SUNDAY SELECT…


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