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Printable CouponsHotCouponWorld member Carol H. from Pennsylvania asks the Coupon Girls a common question about printing more coupons from one computer.

Dear Coupon Girls,

I always see these great coupons that will save me so much money however if the key is to couponing is to stockpile, I don’t really see how I can do that using printable coupons when there is usually a limit of 2 coupons that I can print. How can I get extra coupons from one computer? Can I just run the coupon through my copier and make copies?

There HAS to be a way!

Carol H., Pennsylvania

Dear Carol,

Printable coupons are great; there are always some really nice printable coupons out there every single day! However the way that most printable coupons work is that you need to install coupon printing software from the company that is issuing the printable coupon.

Along with the coupon printing software, however come limits on how many coupons you are allowed to print. Keep in mind that coupons are a form of advertising for manufactures as an incentive to get customers to buy and try their products. Their goal is to get customers to love their products and hopefully be willing to buy it again, without a coupon. Print limits are imposed for two prints per computer (in most cases) because brands don’t want you to just print out an unlimited amount of coupons and redeem them. It makes sense from their stand point; however it can be frustrating for us couponers who want to print more coupons! It is against the terms of the printable coupon companies to make copies of printable coupons, and in fact may be considered fraud. So don’t do that! Also altering the coupon printing software in order to make your computer print more coupons is against their policies too. Keep in mind before you download the printing software you are accepting the terms of service and are agreeing to abide by the rules of each company. If they find out that you are doing something that breaks those rules, they can, block you from printing their coupons. So that means that there is not a legitimate way to print more than the limit of printable coupons that have limits.

However there are ways to get more printable coupons:

  • If you have access to other computers you can print from those computers. Some people print coupons from the public library, work or school. It is important to note however that some of these places block the printing software so you may strike out. But it is worth a shot to give it a try.
  • Ask your friends and family to print coupons for you.
  • Trade for them in our Trading Forums.

There are also a few coupons put out, often times by smaller companies, that are not controlled by the above printable coupon software. These coupons are commonly in a PDF format. However be very cautious about random PDF coupons that are floating around out there. These can sometimes be fakes. Make sure the PDF coupon is directly from the company before printing it. But if you find a legit PDF coupon you can print these coupons as many times as you want. We advise that people don’t abuse this generosity though. When abused, companies often stop issuing printable coupons in a PDF format.

Lastly, while printable coupons are great, I look to them as bonus coupons, not as my main source of coupons for stockpiling and major savings. Insert coupons from the Sunday paper are still king for me and most couponers.

Happy Shopping!




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