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Reader Jessica D. from Virginia asks the following question:

Dear Coupon GIrls,

Hi I am new too couponing and live in Dublin,Va and really need too find a coupon buddy! My family and friends think I’m crazy, that there is no way I will be able too save enough money too dig myself out of debt, so I guess my question is how do I go about finding a coupon buddy near me since I live in such a small town?

Hi Jessica,

Welcome to the wide world of couponing. Your question is one that get asked quite frequently by new members here at HotCouponWorld. Many people want to get together with other folks who share their passion for savings. We offer two places on our site where you may find a coupon buddy.

The first place is our Couponers Around The World forum. This is a forum where you can post and ask if there are other HotCouponWorld members in your area that would like to get together for some coupon fun (shopping, clipping coupon, swapping coupons etc.). If there are any other members in your area they will reply back to your post and you guys can start something.

The second place on our site that you can find a coupon buddy is in our Social Groups, this is a section of our site where members can create a social group based on just about any topic, we have several state groups and even some more regional or city groups. For example there are two groups for your state: Virginia Couponers and Hampton Roads Virginia Couponers. Having spent some time living in VA myself I know that Dublin is not in the Hampton Roads area so your best bet would be the Virginia Couponers group, or you could even start your own group for your area (Blacksburg/Roanoak area).

It may take you a while to find that special coupon buddy or group of local couponers to get together with but don’t give up! It took me 5 years to find another friendly couponer in my small town in Wyoming!

Happy Shopping!




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