Survey Sites That Actually Pay!

Getting Paid For Surveys

Looking for a great way to earn extra money?  Like trying free samples?  Do you enjoy having your input be heard?  Then doing paid surveys might be a good way for you to make some extra cash and earn free stuff all at the same time.

Many of us at HotCouponWorld have been doing surveys for years.  We’ve tried every household product out there from diapers to HP printers.  We’ve earned cash and gift cards alike. Online surveys are a great way to monetize yourself for the time you spend online.

There are survey companies that are legitimate and then there are sites that are downright shady. We’ve built a list of some of the top paying and most reputable sites out there.  We highly recommend avoiding sites that ask for you email to do a survey for a free grocery or gas cards.  Those sites are designed to harvest your email and chew it up with spam.  Our list is comprised mainly of sites we’ve personally tried, or sites our members have tried and are known to produce results. You can sign up for one or all of these sites and get started today earning points and doing surveys for cash, samples, and giftcards.

One recommendation before you start – create a Gmail or Yahoo or some other free email account and land all your surveys in one place and keep your personal email safe from any junk-mail you might receive.  While I can’t say you won’t get any with these sites below, landing all the survey emails in one place helps you keep a cleaner inbox.  Also, be sure to check that email frequently – many survey offers are time-sensitive.  In order to get in, you need to participate quickly and respond before your demographic fills up.

Good luck, and we hope this list is infinitely helpful to you in giving you additional ways to increase your personal wealth!

Top Survey Sites We Recommend

  1. MyPoints – You don’t have to buy a single thing through Mypoints to accumulate points.  Simply read the emails they send you and do the surveys on the site to accumulate points.  Redeem the points for giftcards to your favorite restaurants and stores.
  2. Ipsos Online – One of the largest survey companies in the space, Ipsos provides lots of opportunities to do surveys and earn cash and prizes for doing it.
  3. Ipsos I-Say – Another Ipsos survey offering – Ipsos I-Say.  Earn points you can cash in for prizes.
  4. Mindfield Surveys – Cash and prizes for doing internet surveys online.
  5. Epoll – One of the longer running and more reputable survey sites out there.  Exchange cash for prizes.
  6. Ipsos Mom’s Panel–  A survey site just for mom’s with a points for prizes exchange for surveys.
  7. Inbox Dollars – One of my favorite sites – Inbox Dollars gives you a $5 sign-up bonus just for signing up with them.  You do have to accumulate $30 to get paid out, but it can fly by quickly.
  8. Ipsos Under 30 Panel– if you’re 18 to 29, this branch of Ipsos has surveys geared towards your age demographic.  You do surveys for points and can redeem them once you earn 50 or more points to many national retailers.
  9. Nielsen Net Ratings – From the same folks that do the Nielsen ratings on TV, Nielsen Net Ratings is their online version for doing surveys. They are more sweepstakes oriented in terms of payout, with prizes from being a main prize bank for them. Easy surveys to do.
  10. Opinion Outpost – Earn points that can be redeemed for cash – minimum of $5 to cash out and get a check.  Easy surveys, and fast to accumulate points.
  11. Panda Research – Another net longtimer, Panda pays out in cash and prizes for surveys.
  12. SurveySavvy – One of the very first sites I ever joined, they pay cash and prizes, and you can refer friends and get paid for referrals.
  13. Global Test Market – Earn MarketPoints that you can redeem for rewards. Cash out is at 1,000 points. There are also cash sweepstakes.
  14. Survey Panel Group – Get prizes, cash, and coupons for doing surveys.