Free Printable: Weekly Meal Planner & Shopping List

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Meal Plan And Shopping List

Free Printable: Weekly Meal Planner & Shopping List

Planning out your weekly meals is a great way to not only stay organized and be prepared but it also is a time and money saver. By planning out your meals for the week you are better able to plan meals based on items you have on hand in your pantry and stockpile. Thus, you less likely to make additional trips to the grocery store which saves gas and prevents unplanned purchases that can really add up over time.

I have created this free weekly meal planner with shopping list printable that you can download to help you plan out your meals. When I plan out my meals for the week I use several resources.

  • Recipes I make all the time. These are the tried and true recipes that I know my family enjoys. I may have them written down somewhere (I use Evernote) or they are just things I know how to make like stir fry, spaghetti, lasagna, hamburgers etc.
  • Cookbooks. I am a total cookbook hoarder collector, and so, if I need some inspiration I may browse through my cookbooks. I am also blessed to have a family cookbook from my husbands side of the family that was written by his grandparents that is full of down-home family recipes.
  • Recipes forums here at HotCouponWorld. The community here at HCW has all sorts of great ideas for dinner and recipes. Because these folks are couponers like myself, I know that many of these recipes are going to be using items that I have in my stockpile too and are on the frugal side.
  • Favorite food blogs. I have a list of my favorite food blogs that I check out whenever I can, they always have something tasty!
  • Pinterest. Last but not least Pinterest is just a vast wealth of ideas and recipe inspiration! Our Frugal Recipes board has all kinds of good recipes that are easy on the wallet!

Download Free Weekly Meal Planner & Shopping List

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