Easy Frugal Christmas Wreath Idea

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Easy Frugal Christmas Wreath

Easy Frugal Christmas Wreath Idea

I love Christmas wreaths & I love the use of deco mesh in them that is so popular right now. What I do not love is the price of pre made wreaths that are a minimum of $25.00 and go up to the too ridiculous to mention price. I didn’t want to do a 100% deco mesh wreath because of cost & I wasn’t going for the Candyland look. I made 4 of these for about $8.00 each. This project was fast & easy. I bought all my wreaths & a roll of deco mesh at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. The bows I bought at Big Lots. If you wanted to wait to make these after Christmas you could make them even cheaper with clearance prices!

What you will need:

  • Artificial greenery wreath
  • Roll of deco mesh (I used one full roll for my 4 wreaths)
  • Bow &/or other decorations
  • Scissors

Christmas Wreath Idea Instructions:

  1. Prepare your Christmas wreath by removing any tags & fluffing out all the pieces
  2. Unroll a few feet of your deco mesh (do not cut it yet)
  3. Loosely fold the mesh in half and pinch the end together
  4. Place the end of the deco mesh into the wreath so the end is not showing
  5. Take a piece of greenery from each side of the deco mesh & twist the greenery around it just like a twist tie. (This secures the deco mesh without needing any other fasteners)
  6. Move down the wreath a few inches keeping the deco mesh loose and make a poof
  7. Put the mesh down into the wreath and secure it the same way
  8. Repeat all the way around then cut the deco mesh before securing the last section.
  9. Secure the last piece & be sure to tuck the end inside the wreath so it will not be seen.
  10. Attach your bow using the wire on the bow or looping a piece of greenery through the back.
  11. Hang wherever you like & enjoy! (I used large suction cups to hang mine on my windows. You could also use Command hooks.)

I love mine! They look so nice on all of my windows & I know they will last for years to come.

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