Couponing 101 – The 6 Keys To Couponing

Couponing 101

The average American family of 4 (two adults and 2 children) spends roughly $200 a week on groceries. That is an awful lot of money if you ask us and that is just food for people. That does not take into account any non-food items like diapers, razors, toothpaste, toilet paper or if you have pets, dog or cat food or any other non-food items you may need.

We are here to let you in on a little secret…you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars each week to provide your family with their needs (and wants). Not if you strategically use coupons to save money. We are not going to sugar coat it though, saving money with coupons takes time, it takes work and it takes a little gumption. But it CAN be done and our aim is to teach you how it is done and to help you save money.

The first step to couponing is to learn The 6 Keys To Couponing 101. Take the time to read each key and learn the secrets on how coupons work, where to find coupons, tips on organizing your coupons, learning how to use coupons correctly at your stores and why you need to stockpile to save.

Couponing 101 Key #1: Sale + Coupon = Discount

The first key to couponing is to understand that there is more to saving money than just having a coupon and using it at the store. Instead you must understand that the coupon is just one part of the savings equation. The key is to wait for the item that you have a coupon for to go on sale, on clearance or otherwise be at a great price, then use your coupon on that item to purchase it at its rock bottom price point.

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Couponing 101 Key #2: Multiple Coupons = Stockpile

Once you understand that getting the best price on an item is to wait until it’s on sale and use a coupon, let’s move on to the next key. The second key is understanding the concept of getting multiple coupons and stockpiling.

Many people want to skip this key, but if you’re serious about saving money, it is very important!

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Couponing 101 Key #3: Where To Find Coupons

Now that you understand the concept of having multiple coupons and stockpiling you are probably wondering how to get all those coupons. You may already be aware of some of the more common sources of coupons such as the Sunday paper and even coupons that you print yourself but once you start couponing you may be surprised to learn that coupons are everywhere. There are coupons that print out when you check out at the store, coupons that you download to your store savings card, attached to products, at the doctor’s office, some that come in the mail and more!

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Couponing 101 Key #4: Organizing Your Coupons

As you can see coupons are everywhere, but now you need to have a way to organize your coupons. Coupon organization is important because if you cannot find the coupons that you have when something is on sale then the coupons are useless and you miss out on the deal.

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Couponing 101 Key #5: Learning The Rules

Now that you understand the concept of organizing your coupons, the next step is to learn how the stores in your area handle coupons. Since there are hundreds of stores across the US and each one has a different coupon policy you will need to do your homework!

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Couponing 101 Key #6: Let’s Go Shopping!

Once you have your homework assignment done and you understand how your particular stores handle coupons, the fun part of couponing begins, going shopping and saving money!

Explore how to read your sale ads, making a shopping list, rain checks, BOGO coupons and sales and more!

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