Oh My Aching... Yellow Fingernails while Pregnant??

Discussion in 'Everyday Living & Entertainment' started by HUDSON21, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. HUDSON21

    HUDSON21 Guest

    My girlfriend is 22 weeks pregnant and has just noticed she is getting yellowish fingernails. This just came on all of a sudden. Anyone know what this might mean?? Thanks.
  2. dliver316

    dliver316 Guest

    I'm not sure if pregnancy causes any kind of weird nail discoloration, but the first thought that came to my mind was jaundice. This is a yellowing of the skin, whites of eyes, etc that can be related to a liver/gallbladder issue. Does she notice any yellowing elsewhere on her body? I would just have it checked out to be on the safe side....good luck to her!
  3. loladooder99

    loladooder99 Guest

    It could be a sign of a fungal infection in the nails. If the infection is bad the nail bad can crumble or may thicken. It can also be a sign of thyroid disorder or psoriasis. If this came on when she was pregnant something could be a wrong with her thyroid. Alot of women have thyroid issues after pregnancy is over. you need to make a doctors appointment and have blood work done to check her hormone levels.
  4. beetrothed

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    Apparently acetone based nail polish remover can make your nails yellow... Another unrelated to pregnancy option... :shrug7:
  5. derketchup

    derketchup Guest

    They can be caused by several things:

    zinc deficiency

    iron deficiency

    kidney problems

    liver problems

    lung problems

    She should see her doctor and let him/her know about this.

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