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Let's Play Yahtzee!!

This train is now boarding: Want 12 riders to join me for a fun filled ride! Sign ups will end
+ or when all 12 spots are filled.

  • Riders with a feedback score of at least 5 (NO negatives), who have plenty of QUALITY coupons to share are welcome to ride!
  • You can only ride up to 5 trains at a times, so if you are riding 5 already, please catch the next train.
Mail Out Days will be Friday.
+ - NO Qs to expire before +.
+ - NO Qs to expire before +.

+ - NO Qs to expire before +.
  • There are NO early mailouts on this train. You may think you are being helpful by mailing early, but please not for this train.
  • All envies should be mailed out no later than the mail out day.
  • You must post that your envies are as "mailed" by the end of the mail out day!
We will be "Yahtzee Hands Down" cards that each have a number and a picture of a die on them. The cards can be yellow, red or purple as, shown below. The middle card shown below is a "wild" card, which can be used as either a yellow, purple or red 3. The deck also contains "pure wild" cards that can be used for any color and number combination.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 8.01.12 PM.png

  • I will shuffle and deal 12 hands, mailing one hand to each of you with 5 coupons (this is your hand).
  • Next, choose a card to discard. Place the discard in an envie along with 25 coupons and mail it to the 1st rider you are assigned to. Hang on to the remaining 4 cards for now.
  • When you receive your 1st envie it will include a potluck of coupons (hopefully full of wishes) and ONE playing card. Add that card to your hand, look your hand over and choose one card to discard.
  • Sent your discard and 25 coupons to the next right you are assigned to... This will happen a total of 3 times on 3 consecutive Fridays.
  • After all three mailings are complete: Mail your hand and 5 coupons back to me as soon as possible.
  • Once I receive everyone's hands back, I will declare a winner. You will mail that winner a potluck of 25 coupons and 2 forever stamps. In the event of a tie, 6 of you will mail to one winner (who I will assign) and the other 6 to the other winner.
  • The mail out date for the "winning envies" will be announced at a later time.
The goal is to have the WINNING Yahtzee Hand!! There are 6 different hands that can be created and they are listed below along with their point value.


By signing up for this train, you agree:
  • To abide by HCW's "Guidelines for Potlucks" found HERE.
  • That your envies will include at least 25 Quality Coupons. NO BABY, PET, MEDICATIONS, RESTAURANT, DEPENDS, PADS, TAMPONS or ODDBALL PRODUCTS that hardly anyone used are allowed, unless it is an exact match to a Wish List.
  • That the coupons you send will not expire in less than two weeks from the date of mailing.
  • That you will only send one of each coupon, unless you have an exact Wish List match, then multiples are encouraged.
  • To remember that with potlucks there are no guarantees you will receive an envie full of your coupon wishes. However, I STRONGLY encourage everyone to try and check the Wish List's of fellow riders. You may also want to take the time to update your Wish List before the ride starts.
  • You will not include store specific coupons, unless they are an exact Wish List match.
  • You will not include BTFE's Coke Codes, Pepsi Codes, stickers, etc., unless they are Wish List items.
  • Rebates and TMF forms are GREAT to include, just remember to watch state restrictions.

If for any reason any of your envies are not received, you will be asked to resend at the 2 week point. Joining this train is your agreement abide by this rule.

If you fail to post that your envie was received, it will be deemed received at the 2 week point. You will forfeit your right to a resend, it you report your "lost" envie after the two week from the mail date deadline.


Initial match ups start off green ~ turn navy when mailed ~ and pink when received.

Initial Mailing
pasharain mails 5 Qs & 5 cards to

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

"Return Cards" Mailing:
__ mails 5 Qs & 5 Cards Back to Pasharain

"Winner" Mailing (25 coupons & 2 Forever Stamps):
Mail out day is: ___ with NO Qs to expire ___

__ sends to __

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